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 Site News: Issue #3

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PostSubject: Site News: Issue #3   Sun Aug 06, 2017 8:42 pm

Site News: Issue 3

1. The site plot stuff is up now! You can find all the information starting in the table of contents! Linked here! If you have any comments or questions please direct them to staff and we will answer for you.
2. Also the navigation bar has been updated! You can now access the rules and the census from there!
3. Hunters are also up and running now. The character forms are with the other ones, but please read the write up about the hunters first before creating one! You can find their information here!
4. For all of his hard work with the site plot and all the stuff he will continue to help run it as we know it takes a lot of his time, Sarenrae and I have made up a basket of items for Metaloneus!
The basket includes: Ivory Goat, Enchanted Saxophone, god parent gift, and a bag of holding!
5. The 25th member will still be receiving 1000 coins! So spread the word out there you guys!
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Site News: Issue #3
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