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 Dominika Orlov

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PostSubject: Dominika Orlov   Wed Aug 09, 2017 9:34 pm

Full Name: Dominika Galine Orlov
Pronunciation: do-mee-NEE-kah Ga-leen Or-lah-v
Nickname/Alias: Nika is the most common one. If anything she prefers to be called Nika over Dominika.
Meaning: The meaning of Dominika is Lord. Galine means "god has redeemed". Lastly Orlov derives from the word Eagle.
Origin: I was looking up Russian names and I got help from some other writers to relate he name to her god parent.
Title: Most likely to go by Ms. Dominika Orlov.
Signature: Dominika's handwriting is curly and cursive. Often times small writing.

Gender: Female
Gender Role: Dominika tends to act more feminine, but has her occasional acts of masculinity.
Orientation: Dominika is demisexual
Real Age: Seventeen years of age.
Age Appearance: She looks about her age. Around fifteen to seventeen.
Birthday: July 1st 2000
Birthplace: Anaheim, California.
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Zodiac Sign: Snake

Immediate Family: Anya Orlov (Mother), Inga Orlov (Grandmother), Viktoria Orlov (younger sister) Pavel (Step Father)
Distant Family: Jupiter (Father)
Parenting: Anya was never really around as a mother. She was often very busy with work. Her grandmother looked after for awhile and for the most part her grandmother was kind and firm with the daughter of Jupiter.
Upbringing: Dominika was raised to always fend for herself and if she wanted something she would have to go get it herself. She used to believe that anything was possible and that nothing could stand in her way. She had a good outlook on life. But as she got more into it,
she started to hate the world. It was dark and it provided nothing and it was really just there to screw you over.
Infancy: From the stage of being born to the stage of being two years old. Dominika was often cared for by her mother. Her mother loved her daughter and often times would dance around the house holding Dominika in her arms. Nika was the light of her life at that moment in time. Anytime she started to cry, her mother would just have to dance around the house a bit and she'd soon fall asleep.
Childhood: Growing up as a kid it was still spending time with her mother until she hit the age of five. Around the age of five was when her mother started to go back to work and had to provide for the family. There were a few times that Dominika ended up doing dance classes with her mother and eventually she learned to skate. These two things later became a big passion in her life and Nika had dreams of being in the Olympics one day. She would spend a lot of time with her grandmother. Often times they would bake stuff together or they would go to the market it depended.
Adolescence: This is where a lot of things took a turn for the worst. In her late childhood was when her step father was introduced into her life. She's hated him from day one and thought her mother could do a lot better. However, when Dominika was about the age of thirteen that was when everything started to change. Her step father had been watching her since her grandmother had passed. He was very passive in his advances, but eventually things went really south and there was sexual abuse there. From that point on she couldn't even look at the man. She had money saved up and decided to apply to an exchange program. At the age of fourteen Dominika ended up in Canada and that was where she stayed until she was fifteen. She just recently made it to Camp Jupiter back in January before her sixteenth birthday.
Adulthood: Dominika hasn't reached this stage in her life yet. My plans for her at this stage are uncertain, but I would like her to try her hand at college or university eventually. Find peace within herself and grow to be happier.
Coming of Age: The daughter of Jupiter grew up around the age of 13. That was when she realized the world wasn't fair and that it wasn't a good place to be in. She put herself forward and she left a bad home.
Evolution: Dominika went from being a carefree and passionate girl who believed in the world and that there really was no limit and you could do anything you wanted. Now she's quite reserved and distant from others not really wanting to be around others.

Species: Demigod
Ethnicity: Russian
Blood Type: Type A Positive.
Preferred Hand: Left handed.
Facial Type: Oval
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Hairstyle: Long and midly wavy.
Skin Tone: Very pale
Makeup: Dominika has never really bothered with makeup. If she does wear any it is very minimal. Like a little bit of eye makeup and lipstick.
Body Type: Ectomorph
Build: Nika has rather long legs and a slightly shorter torso. She has a lean but slightly toned body as she's needed it for dance and figure skating.
Height: Five foot seven.
Weight: A hundred and eleven.
Cup Size: B cup.
Facial Hair: N/A
Shoe Size: Dominika wears a size 7 shoe. Size 8 skate. She can fit into size 6 1/2 boots.
Birthmarks/scars: Dominika doesn't have any scars or birthmarks as of present.
Distinguishing Features: Her nose in relation to her face. Her cheeks are a little rounder and her nose is small on her face.

Health: Dominika is fairly healthy. She has a decently balanced nutrition and she stays active.
Energy: The blonde has moderate energy. She doesn't find that she's lacking any, but she doesn't feel like she has an abundance of energy.
Memory: Dominika has a fairly good memory. She remembers things usually in vivid detail and focuses more on details than the bigger picture. She remembers things people have worn, or identifying features more than other bigger things. It's a bit harder for her to remember things people say.
Senses: All of her senses are fairly balanced. Although her eyes are fairly sensitive to light.
Allergies: None that she is aware of.
Handicaps: None as of present moment.
Medication: Nika hasn't taken any medication aside from cough syrup when she was sick.
Phobias: Dominika is afraid of thunder and lightning. She is also afraid of romantic physical contact.
Addictions: Nika has no addictions as of present moment.
Mental Disorders: PTSD from her past. With that comes some slight paranoia.

Style: The blonde usually dresses in chic or urban chic. This will typical mean light pastels, blouses, jean shirts, and hoodies. She also wears a bunch of leggings, scarves, sneakers, and boots. Sometimes she will wear flannels in the fall and winter time.
Mode of Dress: Dominika will wear her clothes in the way that they hug her body and fit her body. She likes them to be true to her size.
Nika also likes to wear her clothes so they're straightened out.
Grooming: The daughter of Jupiter likes to keep herself neat and well groomed. She used to wear her hair up a lot and sometimes still does. If she does her hair is kept back very neat with hardly any loose strands.(Well-kept or messy?)
Posture: Nika has very good posture. Being a dancer and figure skater posture is everything. She usually keeps a straight back and her head held high.
Coordination: Dominika is very flexible and she moves with grace. She is very physically fit and her body is quite toned. Her reflexes are fairly good, but not the best.
Habits and Mannerisms: Dominika usually will cross her arms when she's in an uncomfortable situation or she's standoffish with a person.
Scent: Dominika smells fine. She usually smells like coconut. Usually what she washes her hair with.

Mood: Pissed off, irritable, angry, frustrated, and aloof.
Attitude: Dominika is very cold and distant with people she doesn't know. She does not like physical contact, if you touch her without asking she might snap at you. She can be known to be glum at times, but she will help if she's needed.
Stability: She is very consistent with her moods. They don't shift too much. She doesn't let a lot of people in and she doesn't trust a lot of people.
Expressiveness: The daughter of Jupiter doesn't like to be expressive. She will hide her emotions as best as she can. She hates being a burden on anyone else or anyone else to see.
When Happy: She smiles when she's happy like most people. It is fairly rare to see her happy.
When Depressed: Distant and aloof.
When Angry: When she's angry she ends up getting really frustrated and ends up yelling at times. Sometimes she'll cry a little bit if she's too angry.

Current Residence: Camp Jupiter. In the 5th cohort.
Community: Order and duty.
Family: Anya Orlov (mother), Viktoria Orlov (Sister), Pavel Volkov(Step father), Roman Volkov(Half brother), Inga Orlov (Grandmother)
Friends: No one.
Enemies: Pavel Volkov.
Bosses: No one. Maybe centurions of her cohort.
Followers: No one.
Heroes: Her grandmother Inga.
Rivals: No one.
Relates to: No one.
Pets/Familiars: None.

Wardrobe: Most of what you will find in Dominika's closet is jeans and leggings for her bottoms. Then followed by nice shirts, blouses,
jackets, and hoodies. Along with sneakers and boots. For formal wear Dominika has one or two dresses. One floor length and one cocktail type of dress. She rarely wears any of them. Other things you'll find are her ballet costumes, practice wear, and figure skating costumes too. These she doesn't really show a lot of people unless she's performing in them.
Equipment: Nika owns a pilum that has a imperial gold tip. She also has a pugio for ceremonial purposes, but it works in a pinch.
Accessories: Dominika has no tattoos, but she has her ears pierced. She also owns one piece of jewelry. That piece of jewelry is a necklace that used to be her grandmothers. The two of them were born on the same day but obvious years apart. The necklace holds a Ruby gem and said ruby gem has a Larkspur engraved on the stone. It is a very pretty piece and Dominika always wears it.
Trinkets: See above for the necklace. It applies as a trinket of hers. Nika does not believe in good luck charms so she will never carry them.
Funds: The daughter of Jupiter has quite a bit of funds saved up. She does not have a bank account, but she has about 1.5 grand in USD.
She keeps it on hand for emergencies. She has a few denaris too, but not much.
Home: The Orlov home is a one story rancher style house. The property is completely fenced in with tall grass growing in the front and back. The home has four bedrooms in total. Each bedroom is fairly small. Really only fitting a bed and nightstand in there. There is no carpet in the house. Just old floor board. Dominika was used to hiding things in the floorboards a lot. From the outside the home looks a little worn and could use a little bit of work. The doors will often creak here and there, same with some spots on the floor. They have a little bit of a booth style dining room. The home used to belong to Anya's mother and father, Inga and Dimitri.
Neighborhood: The Orlov family lived on the outskirts of the city. There wasn't really anyone around them. You could see the city not too far off, but there was also a small market place just up the road.
Transportation: When she lived back in Russia, she normally walked everywhere. Now that she's at Camp Jupiter, she usually walks or has been known to be a passenger in a vehicle.
Collections: She never really had time to collect anything. There's nothing that she would really want to collect anyways.
Most valuable possession: The necklace she got from her grandmother. All metal and gems are real and it is worth a lot. Dominika would never sell it though. It is the last thing she has of her grandmother.
Prized Possession: She above. Her most valuable possession is her most prized one. You can simply never take away the memories and sentimental value that the necklace holds.

Lovers: Heath Fairchild (Crush from when she was eleven and she met him at the market place briefly) To be edited
Marital Status: Single
Virginity: Once (Not consensual though)

Occupation: Legionnaire
Work Ethnic: She works hard to get where she is. She believes with determination and hard work you can accomplish a lot.
Rank: Not very high.
Wealth Status: Lower class.
Experience: She used to work at a local bakery to save up money.
Organizations/Affiliations: Herself.

IQ: 117
Education: Not the greatest.
School: Home schooled.
Grade: Dominika was a B average student.
Special Education: Never held back.
Social Stereotype: Social butterfly.
Degrees: None yet.
Intelligence: Kinesthetic and musical.
Extracurricular Activities: Book club.

Religion: None.
Morals: Dominika believes that hard work and putting your best foot forward will get you places in life. She believes if a crime has been done that the person should be punished. Nika believes most rules are morally right. Despite not believing people have much of a choice,
she believes it is right for a human to have a choice in any matter.
Crime Record: Dominika isn't a huge fan of authority. She hasn't committed any crime and doesn't plan to. No criminal record on her part.
Motivation: Family is the only thing that drives Dominika. Her little sister especially. She has been there to help her through everything and her main goal in life is to protect her sister from any harm that comes her way. The little bit of family she has left is very important to her.
Priorities: Her priorities follow as this, Her family, herself, and dance.
Philosophy: (Your character's outlook on life)
Political Party: Dominika doesn't really follow Canadian or American politics. She doesn't have too much of a problem with Vladmir Putin though.
Etiquette: Growing up with the mother and grandmother she had. She was always taught to have good table manners. No elbows on the table, chew with your mouth closed, chew slowly. She was also taught to shake hands with people, but she refuses to have any physical contact with people now.
Culture: Her family is very big on having guests over. In Russian culture they love to be hosts and hostesses to greet their guests and make for a great night. They don't need special events to celebrate or have people visit, they love it for just the fun of it.
Influences: Her stepfather has changed her for the worst. (I will be editing this as she meets more people who influence and change her)
Relates to: Currently no one. (Will edit this when there is someone she relates to.)
Traditions: New Years is the biggest holiday of the year to her and her family. As well as she celebrates Christmas on the seventh of January following the Julian calendar.
Superstitions: Monday's are known to be a bad day to start anything new or to go on a journey. It is seen as bad luck in her culture and she will refuse to do it. Tuesdays are the days you want to do big changes to your life. Start something new. It is also bad luck in her culture to move into a new home on a Wednesday.

Main Goal: To somehow find happiness and peace.
Minor Goals/Ambitions: To fit in, to find a place to call home.
Career: A dream job for Dominika is unknown, although she does know she wants to go to the Olympics one day.
Desires: A home, to protect her family, to go back to normal, to stop living in fear.
Wishlist: There's not a lot of material items that she wants. Dominika doesn't really seek those kind of things in life. Possibly books, or a new pair of skates would be all she'd want.
Accomplishments: She moved out of a house with a monster in it. That's about it.
Greatest Achievement: Winning first prize in a figure skating competition when she was eight.
Secrets: Her fear of thunder storms is a secret.
Regrets: Dominika regrets not bringing her sister with her and leaving her alone with that man. She regrets not spending more time with her grandmother.
Worries: Men being untrustworthy. She worries that something will happen to her again. She worries about her little sister being a victim to the same thing she was with no escape.
Best Dream: The best thing that could happen to her, in her mind, is to be able to find somewhere or someone to call home. The feeling of acceptance, safety and security.
Worst Nightmare: Something happening to her little sister, or Pavel finding her and hurting her again.
Best Memories: Spending News Years with her sister and mother was a big memory for her. Baking and cooking different dishes with her grandmother is one of her best memories too. Lastly having pancakes and maple syrup for the first time is one of her greatest memories by far.
Worst Memories: The day she lost her grandmother. The night she was left alone with Pavel.

Hobbies/Interests: Dance, Ice skating, and read. Dominika has been dancing since before she could really talk. When she was about six years old she got into ice skating and eventually she liked the idea of ice dancing. Her grandmother bought her, her very first pair of skates. Her grandmother was also her biggest supporter in her skating. Reading is her newest interest/hobby. That came about after coing to camp. She's read self help books and fiction books. Anything she s able to get.
Skills/Talents: Dominika doesn’t have a whole lot of talents. Although to reiterate, she is talented at dancing, and has always seemed to have an affinity for it. She knew how to dance before she could even form full sentences, and it wasn’t a huge struggle to pick up. Oddly enough another talent of hers when she was in school was chemistry. She was fairly good at knowing how certain chemicals reacted to others and she picked the science up quite quickly. Faster than most would be able to.
Likes: The cold, ice skating, dancing, ballet, baking, anything blue, and honesty.
Dislikes: Idiotic people, physical contact, orange flavoured chocolate, sugar coated candies, and scented candles.
Sense of Humor: Nika's sense of humour is either witty or sarcastic. Which isn't what you'd expect from her.  She's also a big fan of puns.
Pet Peeves: Idiotic people. Stupidity and ignorance. People who are very controlling.
Superstitions/Beliefs: Dominika is the type to believe something when she sees it. Conspiracy theories do intrigue her, but she doesn't really believe them. She doesn't believe in things she cannot see with her own eyes.
Dreams/Nightmares: Dominika's dreams vary. She doesn't usually remember them, but often times they're weird and she's usually in Russia or Canada. Sometimes her grandmother is still alive in her dreams. Those are ones she is very fond of. Her nightmares are usually related to the traumatic events that have happened in her life.
Quirks: She doesn't like people touching her at all.
Savvy: Dancing is something that Nika is well informed on. She knows different steps to different types of dances, she knows how to count rhythm and beats. It is one of her passions.
Can't understand: Why good people die and bad ones live.
Closet Hobby: Origami - the art of paper folding.
Guilty Pleasure: Eating cookie dough ice cream while watching romantic comedies. She usually likes to do this around 2 in the morning so nobody finds out.

Strengths: Despite often being reserved and aloof to others, Dominika is a very good listener. It might come with her being quiet. She likes to observe and hear things people have to say. She's extremely loyal to people she decides to trust. Which there are very few in that category, but once you're worth her trust, she'll have your back until the very end. Even if you decided to close off ties with her.
Flaws:  Visually, Nika’s nose is way too narrow for her face and sets the balance off a bit. She is too independent and stubborn that she will not take anyone's help no matter how many times you offer it to her. Nika finds it incredibly difficult to trust others and her guard is up constantly.
Perception: Bleak, a series of challenges and obstacles that you have to get through.
Conflicts: Dominika often wants that home feeling and sense of family and welcoming. However, her actions often make it obvious to others around her that she doesn't want that. She pushes people away because she's afraid of them and their capabilities and often time as a result there's internal conflict within herself.
Instincts: Her instincts often tell her to remove herself from a crowd and just watch. Her instincts usually tell her where to go and what feels right and what feels wrong.
Lures: Dominika seems to be drawn to darkness in her own eyes. She seems to follow it around and it consumes her life. However, Dominika is actually drawn towards people despite trying to remove herself from that.
Soft Spot: Nika's soft spot is usually naive people, young children, and honesty. If people are honest with her she's usually got a huge soft spot to that.
Cruel Streak: Her family being threatened. Especially her little sister.

Abilities: Electric pulse: She can create little mini pulses of electricity that can either be used to mark a path or it will be used to help light up her way.
Rumbling Thunder: Much like her father when she is angry thunder will rumble. For Nika it will only do that when clouds are already out.
Shock wave: She can make mini shock waves for pranks, such as going to shake someone’s hand and shocking them at the same time. She can make small little shock waves, and sometimes then can travel a bit. You don’t want to stand too close when they happen.
Powers: Aerokinesis;
Levitation: Nika is able to use the gusts of wind to lift her body up and she is able to fly around. She can go up to about one thousand five hundred feet. If she does it to the extent she will only get a little fatigued since she’s been practicing for awhile now. It will last about 8 posts in total per thread.
Swift As A Coursing River: During battle Nika is an agility based fighter. She is quick and it is what gives her an edge as she doesn’t have very brutal offensive attacks. It allows a wind gust to flow a small few centimeters below her feet or near her hands and arms for quick movements in battle that are difficult to avoid. This can last for about 6 posts and has a cool-down of 5 posts.
Purification: She is able to purify the air from hazardous molecules by removing them. Making the air breathable instead of polluted with toxins. It takes a lot of concentration and often times she comes out with massive headaches. Can last for 3 posts and has a cool-down of 5 posts.
Deoxygenation: To tie in with being able to purify the air and removing hazardous molecules, she can also remove oxygen molecules in a small 4 foot radius. It’s not a big radius, but it’s a strong power to possess. She has never been able to kill with the power as it takes lots of concentration to begin with. It lasts for about thirty seconds, probably enough to stun whatever/whoever she’s fighting and make them gasp for air. Although this is a power only ever used in desperate need. It can only be used once in a topic and often leaves her with migraines that no medicine can touch. She goes into a fragile state with this one.
Nitrogen Explosives: “Generate explosive and propulsive energy via nitrogen.” - (Superpower wiki’s words) She can create about seven of these within 2 posts, but will need a cool-down of 4 posts. She can only create twenty-one of those per topic. Even going to her max wears her out and she begins to feel nauseated and could potentially collapse from exhaustion.
Tornado: She can summon an EF-2 tornado that will go up to the speed of 200 km/h. Can use for 3 posts and has a cool-down of 10 posts.
Thermal Manipulation: Dominika can tamper with the temperature so long as it’s always within five degrees of what it already is, in either direction.
Thunder Calling: She is able to summon a bolt of lightning per a thread and it is able to hit three monsters.
Origin: Passed down from her father Jupiter.
Source: Most of her power comes from her own energy source and strength. She uses the resources around her if they are available. Which is usually the case since most of her powers have to do with the air.
Ability: She's grown better since first starting out. She has fairly good control over her powers, but there is still some learning curves that she hopes to train on and gain even more control with. Over time she'll get very good.
Weaknesses: Dominika has a few weaknesses. A big one for her, is her hand to hand combat. She doesn’t throw very many good punches, and just is quite fragile in hand to hand. Lastly a weakness for Dominika would be the people who she holds close to her dying or being targeted.
Immunities: Lighting strikes. They have no affect on her.
Restrictions:Listed above.
Alternate Forms: She's not aware of it, but she is able to grow wings. This will be something she learns and discovers later and has very limited use.

Favorite Colors: Blue and green.
Favorite Animals: Elephant.
Favorite Mythological Creatures: Phoenix
Favorite Places: Canada.
Favorite Landmarks: Red Square
Favorite Flavors: Caramel and Vanilla.
Favorite Foods: Pancakes with maple syrup is her favourite.
Favorite Drinks: Green tea and water.
Favorite Characters: Hasn't met any other characters here yet. (Dimitri will probably be one of them though.)
Favorite Genre: Romantic Comedy. (She doesn't make this well known.)
Favorite Books: 1984 by George Orwell.
Favorite Movies:  Legally Blonde and Clueless.
Favorite Games: She's a huge fan of chess.
Favorite Shows: She never really watched that many shows.
Favorite Music: Oddly enough Dominika is a fairly big fan of country music. More of the modern country. Like 2000's country.
Favorite Bands: Lady Antebellum and Cold Play (Despite Cold Play not being country.)
Favorite Songs: Her favourite song as of current is Landslide by the Dixie Chicks
Favorite Sports: Hockey and figure skating.
Favorite Stores: Dominika loves souvenir shops as well as old looking book stores/antique book stores.
Favorite Subjects: Chemistry/Science.
Favorite Numbers: Her favourite number is 24.
Favorite Websites: She doesn't really use the internet.
Favorite Words: She doesn't really have a favourite word.
Favorite Quotations: “Perhaps one did not want to be loved so much as to be understood.” - George Orwell, 1984

Least Favorite Colors: Yellow.
Least Favorite Animals: Mosquitoes and moths.
Least Favorite Mythological Creatures: Sirens.
Least Favorite Places: Her home in Russia so long as her step father lives there.
Least Favorite Landmarks: She doesn't have one.
Least Favorite Flavors: Cinnamon.
Least Favorite Foods: Liver.
Least Favorite Drinks: Carbonated drinks.
Least Favorite Characters: Jupiter.
Least Favorite Genre: Autobiographies
Least Favorite Books: Look above.
Least Favorite Movies: She doesn't have one.
Least Favorite Games: Snakes and ladders.
Least Favorite Shows: Soap Operas.
Least Favorite Music: Heavy Metal
Least Favorite Bands: Avengedsevenfold
Least Favorite Songs: Doesn't really have one or bother to seek one out.
Least Favorite Sports: Golf.
Least Favorite Stores: Clothing stores.
Least Favorite Subjects: Art.
Least Favorite Numbers: 10
Least Favorite Websites: She doesn't really go on the internet.
Least Favorite Words: She doesn't have any.
Least Favorite Quotations: "Think positive, be positive."

Languages: Russian and English.
Accent: Nika has quite a heavy Russian accent at times.
Voice: Her voice is a bit closer to being a higher pitch. Fairly feminine.
Speech Impediments: She stumbles on her words a bit when she speaks in English.
Greetings and Farewells: "Can I help you?" or "Hi"  for a greeting. She usually will just wave or say "Bye" for farwells.
State of Mind: "Surviving. Could be worse"
Compliment: "You don't look half bad."
Insult: "Get your hands off me Chewtoy."
Expletive: "Your mother sucks cow dicks."
Laughter: She will sometimes snort while laughing.
Tag Line: "uh" "um" "whatever"
Signature Quote: "You're an idiot."

Reputation: That she's cold, distant, and doesn't want to be around anyone.
First Impressions: Quiet.
Stranger Impressions: Damaged, cold, a bitch.
Friendly Impressions: Distant, quiet, hurt, strong.
Enemy Impressions: She's a bitch.
Familiar Impressions: Her family loves her. They miss the old her and how she used to act. Her sister wishes she could help more.
Compliments: Strong and independent.
Insults: Some people might call her a bitch.
Self-Impression: Dominika thinks she's a good person. She enjoys her own company more than anything these days and at the end of the day she knows who she is. Nika believes she's strong.

MBTI Personality Type: ISFP
Temperament: Melancholic
Enneagram: The Reformer (Wings would be The Helper and The Peacemaker.)
Ego/Superego/Id: Indolence and resentment.
Persona/Mask: Cold, distant, aloof, independent.

Role: Dominika serves to be awareness and essentially a mentor role.
Fulfillment: She would like to think she serves well with her sister, but still feels unsatisfied with herself.
Significance: Dominika is strong. She's been through hell and back. She's incredibly loyal to others that can prove they're worthy of her loyalty as well. She'd be a valuable asset to anyone that needed her.
Alignment: Neutral
Song: Drift Away
Vice: Sloth (Disengagement) and Wrath.
Virtue: Humility
Defining Moment: To be edited when there is one.
Tropes: Dominika is the distant and standoffish girl that really has a kind heart underneath due to trauma. (Considered a cliche)
One Word:  Resilient.

Bio: Back before Nika was even thought of her mother Anya was a beautiful Russian woman who was passionate about dancing and loved the art of it. It had always been her dream to compete in dancing competitions and make it big with her dancing. Anya was cut short by her father who told her she couldn’t dance and wasn’t allowed to dance. That was when Anya was sent away to boarding school for academics and was trained to want to be in a better profession. It was then that Anya didn’t really have a close relationship with her father. She had a strong hatred towards him and wanted nothing to do with the man. Her mother on the other hand had tried to argue with her husband about sending their daughter off to an academics school, but it was no use. Her mother Inga had encouraged her daughter every visit to keep practicing her dancing and that she was still pulling for her.

Due to the outcome of this, the family was a bit split. Anya’s older brother was moved out by this point and had his own problems going on. He vanished from the family for quite some time. It was her other older brother Nikolai that was almost a carbon copy of her father and despised what Anya was doing to the family. Elena and Alexi were too young at the time to have an official say in the matter, not one their father or mother would listen to.

Inga and her husband Dimitri spent hours upon hours arguing about Anya’s dream. Dimitri didn’t think it was practical and was a strict man. He wanted to see his daughter to become more, and not follow in the footsteps of her oldest brother Grigori.

Unfortunately the family only drifted further apart when Anya met Pavel when she was the age of sixteen. They were infatuated with each other and she wanted to spend everyday with him that she possibly could. They hit it off, but Dimitri never approved of the man. He thought his daughter could do so much better, knowing of Pavel’s reputation. Either way, Anya ended up pregnant and had a baby boy. She named him Roman, and spent the first year with him, before her father came in and paid Pavel to leave with the child and let Anya have her life.

Four years later, Dimitri passed. The family remained divided, and Anya was done with the school, and she refused to do any career she was trained to do. She went back into practicing dance and doing local competitions, until she became bigger and bigger and finally got to go to America for a competition. She placed in fifth in that and went home to train some more. Another four years passed and she found her way to America again for a competition, where she met a striking young man. They hit it off, and eventually, she ended up pregnant with the eye candy’s child.

After becoming runner up in the competition, Anya decided to stay in America for awhile and she got to travel around a bit and meet new people. She stayed in contact with her lovely attractive man for awhile but she never told him she was pregnant. Anya didn’t really show until she was about five months pregnant. Once she did start to show he backed away and slowly faded from her life. Anya had grown a bit upset but she was tough and didn’t need to depend on him.

After giving birth to Dominika in the hospital in America it was about the same time that her visa ran out and so she had to go back home to Russia. In Russia Dominika got to meet her grandmother who had often helped out with the raising of her. Every week-day from seven in the morning to seven at night Dominika was home with her grandmother and they would do a lot of fun things such as bake, read stories, paint, dance, and go play in the snow.

Things were great for Nika until she was about the age of seven and understood more about having parents and realized she didn’t have a father. It hurt her not to have one and she could never understand why he wasn’t around. She often jumped to conclusions often asking if it had been about her and if it had, why didn’t he want her?

At the age of eight things took an even darker turn. Her mother got a new boyfriend. This lasted for about two years before they hastily got married when she was the age of ten. Nika was happy to have a father but at the same time it wasn’t the father that she needed nor wanted. However Nika wasn’t aware of their past, and this man was Pavel from her past.

Developing at an early age, her new father was quite attracted to it. He was now taking place of Nika’s grandmother and watching her while her mother was at work. Eventually some things led to another and her new dad grew rather fond of her and he basically took her innocence away from her and that left her with even more trust issues than before and unable to feel safe in her home. Nika was terrified of men from that point on or really anyone getting physically close to her.

At the age of fourteen Nika, signed up for a program she paid in full for an exchanging of two people. One from Russia and one from Canada. Nika ended up going to Canada for the exchange program for half a year, and during the half of year, Nika was founded by Lupa and the wolf pack and from there they had trained her. She made it to camp Jupiter just in time for her fifteenth  birthday.
Personality:  Dominika is a hard person to follow. She has an outer defense that is there to serve as her protector from those who may want to do harm to her. She doesn’t trust very easily, but she is slowly starting to open up again and be a lot like her old self.

On the exterior Dominika is aloof and cold. She doesn’t give very good first impressions and she’s generally very distant. Most times you’ll get one word responses from her if any response in general. She can be quite blunt in her every day persona to passers by. If she thinks you’re being an idiot she’s going to tell you straight out to your face that you’re being dumb and you don’t know what you’re doing. With this the daughter of Jupiter seems to get stuck in her way, that if she’s right, she’s right. Generally she hates to be disproven that she’s wrong and will still fight you and be stubborn insisting that she is indeed right, even if she knows she’s lost.

Nika is a bit head-strong and easy to tick off. She has no patience for those who are a complete waste of space and time. Her willingness to never give up is also a big thing for her. Her determination is strong and if she believes in a cause so deeply she will fight for it until she’s put in her grave. It is very difficult to persuade her otherwise.

However the cold and distant demigod, does have a soft spot. It is easy to tap into once she has been able to let her guard down around you and begin to trust you a bit more. She will help anyone in need. She now has gained the Roman mentality of fighting together and no one gets left behind. If someone needs help she is there, even if she isn’t that fond of you. Someone dying on her account of putting feelings in the way is something she couldn’t forgive herself for.

Her true personality is what lies underneath the exterior. Dominika has so much passion and love to give to people she deems deserves it. She is caring and helpful to them, and often times you may think she’s insulting you, but that is her form of a compliment. Nika isn’t the best at complimenting people very well or even accepting compliments for the most part. There is a young girl still inside that gets flustered when a boy compliments her or she gets nervous around them here and there. It’s quite the sight to see someone so aloof be so cutesy and nervous with another person.

[url=http://www.legendsfate.com/t109-dominika-orlov]Dominika Orlov[/url] - Female - 16 - Legionnaire - Daughter of Jupiter - Cohort Five - Sorella

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Dominika Orlov
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