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 Georgia Clément

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PostSubject: Georgia Clément   Sun Aug 13, 2017 4:09 pm

Name: Georgia Clément
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Sexuality: a big ? at this point

God Parent: Pluto
Mortal Parent: Sonia Clément. Sonia is a murder mystery writer.
Other Family: none

Birthplace: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Race: Caucasian + 1/4 armenian.

Skin Color: Tan
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 117lbs
Body type: Lean

Personality: Georgia is known for being incredibly optimistic and endlessly happy. She’s someone who will always look on the bright side of things, even if things look bleak. She’s also a chatterbox, and will go on and on unless someone tells her to stop. She sometimes acts younger than she is, and people mistake that for her being less intelligent. She’s actually pretty intuitive, she just isn’t pushy when people won’t bring things up.
Talents: Fluent in french, intuitive, green thumb, horseback rider
Flaws(at least 3): Annoying, loud, sensitive

Weapons (Imperial Gold): Stygian iron longsword.
Abilities: Georgia can sense when someone is about to die. She also senses when someone nearby has died. It’s like a shiver down her spine.
Powers: Georgia can summon hunks of precious metal and minerals such as gems. The metal/gems need to be nearby in the soil, and can’t be bigger than 3 cubic feet in diameter. Usually small things relatively shallow in the ground will take less than a post to surface. Bigger things or things deep in the ground will take a couple posts to surface. Depending on the size of the object she can summon these things from 1 to 5 times per topic with a two post cooldown. She also has the ability to shape precious metals to her will, including stygian iron and imperial gold. She can do this twice per topic.

History (At Least Three Sentences): Sonia met Pluto while researching for her latest book. She had gone to an old cemetery, where she met Pluto. He claimed that he was just admiring the tombstones. They went out for coffee, and ended up dating. Pluto told her his name was Jacques Leblanc  Four months later, Sonia was pregnant.
Georgia had a semi-normal life growing up. Yet there were always things that she couldn’t explain. She always had a fascination with gems and precious metals. She also constantly saw weird things, and she learned not to bring it up or else people would look at her weirdly.
She always saw on the bright side of things. Even when her mother was gone on writing retreats or locked herself away in her study, Georgia had fun by herself. She would talk to birds or make friends with stray cats. She’d dance by herself and find strangers to talk to.
When Georgia was nine, she snuck out to explore the city, and was attacked by a Venti. She was saved by a giant wolf, who was later revealed to be Lupa.
Georgia trained with Lupa for about two weeks before she passed Lupa’s test. After that she made the trek across country, running into multiple monsters. She survived, miraculously, and was welcomed into the fifth cohort. A week later she was claimed by Pluto.

Faceclaim (if applicable): rowan blanchard
[url=http://www.legendsfate.com/t111-georgia-clement]Georgia Clément[/url] - Female - 15 - Legionarre - Child Of Pluto - Cohort Five - sarenrae

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PostSubject: Re: Georgia Clément   Tue Aug 15, 2017 9:00 pm

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Georgia Clément
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