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 Big Ass Character Form

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PostSubject: Big Ass Character Form    Thu Aug 17, 2017 2:44 pm

This is the big ass character form! We edited the original copy to make it suitable for this site and our members! You can find the original here!

How this works is if you can complete this form you will get a prize!

Just for completing the form you will receive 500 coins!

Tier 1: If you have 4,000 words to 5,999 words you will receive 2,000 coins!
Tier 2: If you have 6,000 words to 7,999 words you will receive 3,500 coins + Curiosity item.
Tier 3: If you have 8,000 words to 9,999 words you will receive 5,500 coins + Curiosity item.
Tier 4: If you have 10,000 words or more you will receive 8,000 coins + Curiosity item.

Mega Tier: If you have 30,000 words or more you will receive a big three + 15,000 coins.

Note: 379 words will be taken off of your word count for the bare form. You are also allowed to remove three sections from this form. You may also add anything else you want to the form.

Big Ass Character Form:

Big Ass Character Form Explained:
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Big Ass Character Form
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