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 Abigail Johnson

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PostSubject: Abigail Johnson   Thu Aug 17, 2017 4:10 pm

Name: Abigail Johnson
Age: 21
Physical Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual

- Lincoln Johnson: Abigail's biological father. While he wasn't around during her youth, he came back around to be her full-time father when he learned of her birth. He's an actor and director, involved in minor Hollywood productions.
- Amanda Johnson: Abigail's biological mother, and a very loving one. For her first few years of life, Amanda raised her alone, while juggling a career in radio. She's slightly unhinged.
Other Family:
- Andrew Johnson: Abigail's half-brother, a child of Apollo.
- Netha: Abigail's former wolf. Give to her as a gift for a feat during her earliest days as a hunter, she later turned her over to her brother, Andrew.

Birthplace: Bellevue, Washington
Race: Caucasian

Skin Color: White
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 140 LBS
Body type: Endomorph

Abigail judges a book by its cover, no questions asked. When it comes to even other hunters, she will judge them initially by their god parent. She naturally has more respect for children of the big three and stronger gods, like Athena and Ares. When it comes to other gods, she'll go so far as to have names ready for them, should she consider that god a producer of weak children. Examples of this include calling the Demeter cabin "wheat people." Other examples include calling the Hermes cabin "carrier pigeons" and "disabled doves" for the Aphrodite cabin. This expands to other demigods, mortals, and even animals in some cases.

Abigail by nature is not kind nor cruel, she feels her duty comes first. She wouldn't ever let anyone die, male or female, so long as she could save them. However, she wouldn't go out of her way to hug them and assure them after saving them. Doing the right thing isn't always Abigail's way; especially when it comes to apologizing or consoling a person. She never has any idea what to say someone who is emotionally or mentally traumatized.

Despite Abigail's dislike for the weak, and judgement towards the many, she actually has no problem talking to people whatsoever. So long as she finds them a productive member of society, she can easily strike up casual conversation. She can even make jokes and laugh with them, though that's generally where the barrier ends, at acquaintances. Anything more than that is a rarity.

- Witty Comebacks: Not many things come natural to Abigail. But whether or not it was her early childhood listening to people insult one another, Abigail always has something witty to say to someone trying to insult her.
- Manipulation: Although she would never admit it, and isn't proud of it, Abigail knows how to get what she wants. Throughout her life in high school, she learned how easy it was to make people do as she pleased with just words. Though, she feels far too guilty to use this to her advantage.
- Animal and Plant Identification: Whether or not she just has a good memory, it's one of the few aspects of hunting that came easy to her. Once she's identified a plant or animal, whether it's with the help of a hunter or a book, she tends to remember it in the future, despite the abundant amount in her head.

- Reckless: Abigail doesn't fear death, but only the afterlife. Because of this, she acts out in ways that might be considered foolish. There is no foe that she believes she can't handle. Even if she'll clearly die, she'll believe she has it under control.
- Judgmental: This is a big part of Abigail's way of thoughts. She measures people by what they are rather than who they are. Their god parents, their talents, and their work ethics. When she considers someone weak, it generally leads Abigail to have a lack of bond with them.
- Stubborn: Once Abigail has made up her mind on a subject, changing it is no easy task. This is mostly because she refuses to fall back from a choice, thinking she'll look weak for it. Nonetheless, it gets her into some tight spots.

- Bow and Silver Arrows: Abigail's bow is her prized weapon, made of strong wood stained black. She's owned it as long as she's hunted. Her arrows have silver heads, and many of them, she's made herself.
- Silver Hunting Knife: A seven inch bowie style knife that she wears on her belt. It's Abigail's favorite knife and has served her for a long time. Like her other weapons, it's made of silver.
- Silver Folding Knife: Her folding knife she uses mostly for concealment. She knows how to use it well, but it's a hybrid knife; made for survival, skinning, and combat. She only fights with it as a backup.
Abilities: (Blessing of Artemis)
- Agelessness: Being a hunter, Abigail can't age, and therefore cannot die from age related causes. Likewise, she can't die of any type of illness.
- Silver Aura: As per usual with the blessing of Artemis, Abigail is faster and stronger than she was before. She isn't a fan, as she doesn't want to have to rely on skills and abilities that are not her own.
- Archery: Abigail was already a crack shot before joining the hunters, but like all hunters with the blessing, she was given better accuracy as a result.

Abigail grew up in a relatively decent city.  She was born to a single mother, and was raised in a middle class setting. Her mother eventually had another child, only a few years after her birth. This was her brother, Andrew, and Abigail was glad to see that the man who had briefly dated her mother left. He was a selfish man, who she would later find out wasn't quite human. Nonetheless, Abigail's toddler feelings remained solid throughout her youth. Until, after a few years, her birth father showed up again, and him and her mother began to date, eventually getting married and moving to California. She was raised normally, as well as could be. She had an A-average career in elementary school, which she was hardly proud of.

Towards her junior year in high school, her brother began to claim the very rare vision of something that made no sense. It wasn't in Abigail's skill set to be able to console Andrew, despite how badly she wanted to protect her little brother. She found a disgust in her mother's behavior towards him, shunning him for it, and decided that she was a weak person. She continued on her life, living has normally as could be still. With each passing day, her negative emotions began to intensify. The youth around her was weak, her mother was weak, and she wasn't strong enough to protect her emotions.

When she was eighteen, just before graduating high school, the hunters of Artemis ended up visiting her. She was quick to join them, looking to surround herself with strong people. She quickly began to work hard and learn among her sisters, looking to make a difference with her new home. Early into her career, Artemis rewarded Abigail with a friend, who could hopefully match her ow emotions. A silver hued wolf named Netha, with a fiery heart and an intense personality. They butted heads very often, but eventually, Abigail grew to love her wolf.

The only time Abigail ever looked back was to go find her brother. She'd finally come to recognize what her brother saw, and knew where he needed to be. She left him Netha as her final gift to him, before going back to be with the hunters.

Faceclaim: Crystal Reed

[url=http://www.legendsfate.com/t118-abigail-johnson#390]Abigail Johnson[/url] - Female - 21 - 3 - Metilinos
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PostSubject: Re: Abigail Johnson   Thu Aug 17, 2017 4:43 pm

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Abigail Johnson
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