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 Heidi Müller

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PostSubject: Heidi Müller   Thu Aug 17, 2017 5:44 pm

Name: Heidi Müller
Age: 16
Gender: female
Sexuality: heterosexual

God Parent: Adrestia, goddess of revolt, just retribution and sublime balance between good and evil.
Mortal Parent: Derik Müller
Other Family: An older twin sister, Sofia

Birthplace: Berlin, Germany
Race: German/white

Skin Color: Pale
Hair Color: light blonde, almost white
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5ft 4in.
Weight: 130 Lbs
Body type: mesomorph

Personality: Heidi is a very odd girl. She tends to daydream a lot, and doesn’t always seem like she’s aware of what's going on around her. However this isn’t true, Heidi is actually a lot more down to earth than most others think she is. People also tend to underestimate her, which never proves to be a smart idea. Heidi strongly believes in being fair, and has a strong sense of what good and evil is.

*is fluent in german and english
*good at reading people

Flaws(at least 3)
*has a hard time controlling her emotions
*scared of snakes

Weapons (Celestial Bronze): CB bow and arrows, and dagger

*Heidi can influence people's emotions/decisions to be either more/less "evil" or "good." She can do this twice a topic.
- Alignment: Once a day, Heidi can use an ability on one person to tell their moral alignment. She can only do this with entire permission, otherwise the result will be inconclusive. If the person consents, Heidi can hold her hand in front of their face. If the hand glows blue, the person identifies with a benevolent alignment. If the hand glows red, the person identifies with a malevolent alignment. If the hand glows a gentle white, they identify with a neutral alignment. If the hand glows yellow, it means she does not have permission or the person truly does not consent.
- Revolution: Due to her mom's hand in revolutions in western civilization, Heidi has a natural know-how on them. This includes weaponry used in revolutions, and the tactics used to incite people to revolt, she can use this knowledge for better or for worse.
- has the ability to make people want to follow her lead (like in a revolt). kind of like charm speak, but not....

History (At Least Three Sentences):
Heidi and her twin sister were raised by their father in a small apartment in Berlin, Germany. Their father is a university professor and didn’t spend as much time as he wished he did with his daughters. Heidi and her sister were mainly raised by Nannies. Their father told Heidi and Sofia about their mother on their twelfth birthday, just a couple hours before he sent them to America to live at Camp-halfblood.

Faceclaim (if applicable): Evanna Lynch
Notes: twin of Sofia Müller (Met's character)

[url=http://www.legendsfate.com/t119-heidi-muller#395]Sophia Müller[/url] - female - 16 - daughter of Adrestia - Frankie

Liam Davenport, Sophia Virgo, Luke Avery,
Noah Parker, Silas Julius, Ensley Kate Daniels, August Nolan, Jackson “Jacks” Radcliffe
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PostSubject: Re: Heidi Müller   Thu Aug 17, 2017 7:49 pm

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Heidi Müller
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