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 Curiosity Site Shop

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PostSubject: Curiosity Site Shop   Mon Jul 17, 2017 9:39 am

Curiosity Site Shop

Quiver of Apollo’s arrows - There are five arrows in this quiver. Those five arrows never miss their target:
Miniature Lyre - When strummed can put at least two of your enemies to sleep for 20 minutes:
Herbal Snacks - These are energy snacks. They are meant to replenish your energy and power levels. They come in a box of 4:
Apollo’s Wreath - If you’re stuck in a predicament you can use Apollo’s wreath to call upon him for one favor:
Dionysus’ Chalice - This is a chalice that is very decorative and refills with wine all the time! Cheers to the summer solstice with this item!:

Additional Curiosities:
Bag of Holding- This few of a kind bag is the size of a satchel, yet can hold up to 300lbs of items. If you put any living item inside the bag, it will start to suffocate. Reaching into the bag and thinking of an item inside the bag, will cause it to appear in the user’s hand. Turning the bag upside down will release all of it’s contents.

Belt of Hephaestus - this interesting belt looks like it can do plenty, however all it is capable of doing is giving your character a very fantastic beard.

Candle of Nemesis- When this candlestick is lit, it will tell the user whether someone is a friend or foe. Holding the candle up to a friend will cause the flame to turn green, while holding the candle up to a foe will turn the flame purple. This candle can be lit only 3 times.

*Prices are coming soon*
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Curiosity Site Shop
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