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 Sofia Müller

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PostSubject: Sofia Müller    Thu Aug 17, 2017 6:13 pm

Name: Sofia Müller
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual

God Parent: Adrestria, goddess of revolt and equilibrium.
Mortal Parent: Derik Müller
Other Family: A twin sister, Heidi.

Birthplace: Berlin, Germany
Race: German

Skin Color: Pale
Hair Color: Light blonde, almost white.
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5ft 4in.
Weight: 130 Lbs
Body type: Mesomorph

Sofia is a very ironic personality for someone who lives with the title "daughter of Adrestia." Despite her title-sake, her personality is a set way, and she typically doesn't act with a whimsical nature. She isn't obnoxious, rude, or negative, in particular. However, everything she does is conserved and censored in, with careful thought.

Her personality is self-justified. She feels that she'll eventually lose her mind if she just acts out or the same. Despite her youth, she acts much older, being careful as to who her friends are. True to her birthed nature in only this way, her calculated choices consider all options, in a very well considered in equal way.

While somewhat protective of her twin, she's also weary of her. She gets away from her on the rare occasion, but never for too long. Sofia lives with a dreaded sense of insecurity when it comes to finding a meaning for life. She wants to know that by the time she leaves camp, she'll have a life with some sort of meaning in it.
- Musically Inclined: Sofia has mastered a plethora of musical instruments. She can play the bass, piano, harp, accordion, guitar, drums, trumpet, clarinet, tuba, keyboards, and the flute. She also has a good singing voice, but doesn't use it publicly.
- Medical Knowledge: Sofia spends a great deal of time studying how mortal anatomy crosses over into the mythological world. Her many years of studying have left her in a position where she could outwit someone who had actually attended med-school. She enjoys this, mostly because it's so broad, she may never study every single aspect of it.
- Brewing: Sofia enjoys brewing her own coffee and tea, despite having it readily available in camp. She feels the taste is more distinct and better, with more health benefits to her. She's brewed more than the two, going so far as even brewing beer with kits, however, she doesn't do so around camp.
- Social Boldness: Sofia has a willingness to break typical social barriers, even when it's a bad idea. If a person is harming her sister, or her friends, she'll do anything to get back at them, even in the most unconventional way.
- Lack of Urgency: Some people experience a lack of motivation to do something. They'll push it off as "I'll do it tomorrow." Sofia experiences this quite commonly, as she has no reason to rush anything. Despite this, she gets an alarming amount of things done. However, she misses many things due to it.
- Loyal-Less: Lack of loyalty, so to speak. Besides for her four siblings, Sofia has a hard time forming any kind of meaningful bond. She'll talk to people, and even work with them fine, but she has a sociopath-like symptom where her bonds are practically expendable.

Weapons: Sofia has picked up some know-how on several weapons, but practices mostly in small arms combat, using her stature to her advantage.
- Combat Knife: With a short blade made of celestial bronze, this is Sofia's go-to weapons. She rarely leaves the Hebe cabin without it.
- Mini-Crossbow: Sofia made a deal with an Athena kid to make this for her. It's small, breaks down into parts, and has custom bolts, made of celestial bronze and strong wood.
- Flail: Shorter than most flails, this is still Sofia's largest weapon. The link between the wooden handle and celestial bronze blunt, however, is not a chain, but rather a band that offers resistance, which offers better force.
- Alignment: Once a day, Sofia can use an ability on one person to tell their moral alignment. She can only do this with entire permission, otherwise the result will be inconclusive. If the person consents, Sofia can hold her hand in front of their face. If the hand glows blue, the person identifies with a benevolent alignment. If the hand glows red, the person identifies with a malevolent alignment. If the hand glows a gentle white, they identify with a neutral alignment. If the hand glows yellow, it means she does not have permission or the person truly does not consent.
- Revolution: Due to her mom's hand in revolutions in western civilization, Sofia has a natural know-how on them. This includes weaponry used in revolutions, and the tactics used to incite people to revolt, she can use this knowledge for better or for worse.

Heidi and her older twin sister were raised by their father in a small apartment in Berlin, Germany. Their father is a university professor and didn’t spend as much time as he wished he did with his daughters. Heidi and her sister were mainly raised by Nannies. Their father told Heidi and Sofia about their mother on their twelfth birthday, just a couple hours before he sent them to America to live at Camp-halfblood.

Faceclaim: Evanna Lynch
[url=http://www.legendsfate.com/t120-sofia-muller-wip#397]Sofia Müller[/url] - Female - 16 - Daughter of Adestria - Metilinos
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PostSubject: Re: Sofia Müller    Thu Aug 17, 2017 7:52 pm

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Sofia Müller
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