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 Robert Newton

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PostSubject: Robert Newton   Thu Aug 17, 2017 7:28 pm

Name: Robert Newton
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

God Parent: Athena, goddess of wisdom, crafts, and war strategy.
Mortal Parents:
- Lisa (Brown) Newton - Robert's illegitimate mother. She passed away while Robert was young. She died in a car crash, and ironically, had worked as an EMT until the day she passed. She'd married Nicholas, Robert's father, only two years before Robert was born. The pair hadn't planned on having any children, but Lisa couldn't be happier with the magical baby that had one day shown up on their doorstep.
- Nick Newton - Robert's legitimate father. He passed away the same exact time his wife did, in the car crash. While Robert was alive, he worked as a homicide detective in Providence, Rhode Island. He enjoyed many small things in life, especially the scientific side, which had originally inspired him to work in forensics. He, however, later decided he didn't want to do tests all day.

Birthplace: Olympus
Race: Caucasian

Skin Color: White
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown with grey hues.
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 165 LBS
Body type: Ectomorph

Personality: Robert likes to remain neutral as often as possible, not being a fan of taking sides. Robert likes to be social, and especially enjoys it when he can show off what he knows. Robert very much likes to make friends and spend time with people, especially when he's back home. Robert can be stubborn when someone questions his intelligence. Robert wouldn't back down from a fight; assuming it was in sport and with another human. When things get physical with monsters, things get a little more complicated. Robert immensely enjoys hockey. And of his two dreams, playing in the NHL is one of them. The other dream is to attend and graduate Harvard.
- Hockey: Robert is very good at not just following and calculating the statistics to hockey, but he also plays for his high school team as well, and is a talented player. He plays a right wing position.
- Focus: Robert is good at focusing, despite being a demigod. He's very good at absorbing the knowledge from a lecture or a book, or fully taking in the symbolism from a movie or show. In that sense, Robert appreciates a fair amount of art.
- Multi-Lingual: Robert knows several languages, and counting. He currently, on a somewhat fluent level, speaks English, French, Spanish, and Japanese.
- Arachnophobia: Robert has an intense fear of spiders. He tries to play it cool, but if one makes contact with him, he freaks out. He can't explain it, though he suspects it's likely his mother's rivalry with the first spider.
- Overthinking: Robert excels in many complicated subjects, which leads him to overthink basic situations, whether that be in a stressful, social, or endangering scenario. Robert is prone to overlook a simple solution sometimes, in favor of something to be more complicated than it needs to be.
- Know-It-All: Robert is a massive know-it-all and never hesitates to show it. Whether it's a state's motto, a turtle's diet, or the lifespan of a plant, Robert always has an answer, even for rhetorical questions. This is another flaw that Robert carries that turns his knowledge into an off-putting personality trait.

Weapons: Robert has a few weapons in camp, though he isn't nearly fluent in any of their uses. The one he relies on the most is a folding knife that measures to about a four inch blade, made of celestial bronze. Another weapon he would choose to use in combat, should he be forced into it, would be his trench spike. The blade on the tench spike is longer, at about eight inches length. The entirety, the knuckle base, and the blade, is made out of celestial bronze. Robert's third weapon is the only weapon he has that actually is Greek. He owns a kopis, which confused some people when he picked it over a xiphos. His reasoning was that it required much less practice to be effective with. The blade on the kopis measures to about two feet long, and as standard for Greek demigods, is made of celestial bronze.
- Owl Communication: Robert can talk to owls, though it's nothing he's ever attempted. The communication works through telepathy.
- Lingual Grasping and Understanding: Robert has an unusual grasp on understanding and quickly learning new languages. If he hears at least a hundred different words in a language, he'll begin to gather a grasp on it. If he doesn't converse in the language for a week, he'll lose the knowledge he's gathered, unless he's learned it organically. Robert's powers never effect his ability to read or write, only to speak, so in order to aster a language he must still learn organically.
- Human Calculator: Robert's brain is intensely comfortable with numbers and equations. He can do algebra, physics, and calculus with just his own mind, coming up with the numbers and answers instantly, off the top of his head.

Robert lived a fairly different life from most other kids; and that applies without being half god. When he was born, from Athena's skull, he was left by his parent's house. Nick Newton had already been married before he had met Athena, who he had known as a witness to a murder, whose name was Aurora. Nicholas had asked her some questions about where the murder took place, which was in a history museum. They'd talked, and soon enough, had gone out for drinks. Their relationship was entirely platonic, but they ended up seeing one another more and more. Eventually one day, Aurora ceased all contact with Nick. And while Nick was confused, there was nothing he could do about it.

Some time later, there was a baby on the doorstep that Lisa, Nick's wife, had discovered. She was furious at first, the two had agreed to never have children, and here he was, having a child with a woman that wasn't even her. There was an elegant note that explained everything. It took time for Lisa to accept it, and even Nick himself wasn't sure if he was sane. But after some time, the pair accepted, this child was theirs to look after.

A few years passed, and Robert's parents went out to celebrate their wedding anniversary. When Robert was about two and a half years old, they left Robert with a sitter, but they never came back. On the way home from dinner, the pair came in contact with an eighteen-wheeler, and were both announced dead on impact. Robert was left with his god-father, who was a close friend to Nick and Lisa. The man, Charlie Thornton, was involved higher up in the Providence Police Department. He took Robert in like he was his own, but was very much involved with his work. Robert was put into early schooling, and spent a lot of time at school programs until Charlie felt he was old enough to be home alone. Even then, when Robert grew older, he tended to stick with clubs and extra-curricular activities.

Robert excelled fiercely in school, from the moment he began getting grades, he never missed a day and never missed a mark. From the moment he began being taught, he took an interest in it, and learned as much as he humanly could. He always strove for perfection in school, and actually enjoyed attending. It's where his friends were, and it's where he did best. Robert didn't discover his love for hockey until late middle school. He never played in any little leagues, and never played in any league at all until he got into high school. He took hockey as a very enjoyable past time.

One day when he was walking home from school on a Friday, there was an eerie feeling in an alleyway. It wasn't so unusual, it wasn't like he was in Boston or New York, so he didn't worry too much. Halfway through the alleyway, he suddenly got thrown into the wall that was feet away from him. It felt like he was just checked into the wall. When Robert looked at the attacker, it wasn't a man. Robert could only describe it as some giant beastly badger. Robert froze in the moment and clenched his eyes shut in fear, and then all he heard was one noise and a soft sensation touch him. When he opened his eyes again, there was a half-man half-goat standing there, and golden dust coated a large portion of the alleyway, including Robert.Despite the shock, the satyr was able to recover Robert and bring him to Camp Half Blood.

Faceclaim: Colin Ford
[url=http://www.legendsfate.com/t121-robert-newton#399]Robert Newton[/url] - Male - 17 - Son of Athena - Metilinos
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PostSubject: Re: Robert Newton   Thu Aug 17, 2017 8:02 pm

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Robert Newton
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