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 Andrew Johnson

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PostSubject: Andrew Johnson   Thu Aug 17, 2017 8:48 pm

Name: Andrew Johnson
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Mostly Heterosexual

God Parent:
- Apollo, god of the sun, archery, and music.
Mortal Parent:
- Lincoln Johnson: Andrew's step father. For as long as Andrew can remember, Lincoln has been in his life, and Andrew couldn't ask for a better dad to have. He's an actor and director, involved in minor Hollywood productions.
- Amanda Johnson: Andrew's biological mother, and a very loving one. She formerly had a career in radio, and Andrew loves her, but can tell that she's unhinged ever since Abigail left.

Other Family: Abigail Johnson, his half-sister, and child of both his parents.

Birthplace: Bellevue, Washington
Race: Caucasian

Skin Color: White
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 155 LBS
Body type: Lean

Andrew is by no means an anti-social person, as a matter of fact, he commonly seeks out friendship and companionship. However, he falls very well with common social barriers. If awkward silence falls in a conversation, he won't be able to push it aside. Occasionally in conversation he'll say something stupid without thinking, and get embarrassed over it. And he will always return any sort of hostility, whether apparent or passive, with hostility of his own. Violence is something Andrew will commonly resort to, despite not being good at fighting with his fists, he'll still try.

Andrew holds grudges, for as long as they aren't resolved, he'll remember. He'll only make up with people if he cares for them or if he must for other reasons. Of course, it can always be worked out, but Andrew will hold on to it until the very last second. Andrew is the kind of person to spark meaningful conversation with people he's comfortable around, to further their bond and understanding of one another. His bonds, whether they involve love or hate, mean very much to him.

He also constantly is throwing around what he believes to be witty insults.
Andrew always was a good shot when he was a kid. He began shooting as early as eight years old, but as a challenge from his father, they began hunting using crossbows and bows, even attempting to use javelins once. Andrew has a natural talent for hunting, even when it comes to skinning the animals and using the contents within them. You might call Andrew a natural survivalist. In addition, he's also exquisite at playing the piano.
- Impulsive: Andrew is prone to do something once he decides, no matter what it takes. It gets him in to trouble very often.
- Close-Minded: Andrew is open minded to ideas, but when he has his mind made up, it can be insanely difficult to change it. Enough that it usually isn't worth keeping him on board.
- Loyalty: Andrew is fiercely loyal to those he deems worthy, namely Netha. Should she pick a fight, even if she's entirely wrong, he would still back her up. It has proven to be a fault.

- Celestial Bronze Arrows and Bolts
- Celestial Bronze Folding Knives
- Celestial Bronze Skinning and Hunting Knives
- Sun Screen: Andrew has a natural immunity to the sun. He cannot be sunburned, or given any damage to the sun in any way, meaning he can even look directly at it with no issues. Likewise, Andrew cannot get a natural tan.
- Netha-Speak: Andrew can talk to wolves, and they can talk to her.
- Medically Inclined: Andrew can feel what the medicine he is holding was intended for., whether it be modern or ancient. Likewise, it works for poison too.
- Let There Be Light: Andrew can summon light from his hands, usually very bright light. It isn't very fatiguing at all for him, but if he does it for hours at a time, it can tire him and wear him down.
- Warm Hands - Andrew can warm his hands up to about 250 degrees, Fahrenheit. Not enough to do much damage, unless applied to proper areas. If he snaps his fingers while doing this, he can generate one quick spark that's hot enough to start a fire, if cared for right.

Andrew was born to a mother as a second child, only he was born in a much more unique way. He was a demigod, and his older sister, Abigail, was not. Amanda, their mother, grew up in a decent city. She did a good job, but ended up having a baby without a partner when she was an adult. She had the baby with a better off man, Lincoln Johnson.

She decided not to tell him of his child, and attempted to raise Abigail on her own. She did well for herself, until she met another man. The man wasn't in her life long, and eventually, she ended up pregnant once more. The man tried to explain the situation to her, that he wasn't a mortal man. Amanda could not process the news, but at a young age, Abigail began to slowly watch the mental deterioration of her mother. Something Andrew as a toddler couldn't understand.

A few years after that, she came back into contact with Lincoln, who wanted to be involved in his daughter's life when he found out she was his. The pair began to see one another again, but this time it was serious. Again, Abigail began to observe and calculate how her mother was acting. She picked up on ques, and certain ways she would treat Andrew. Still, she felt she was better with Lincoln than alone. She treated her brother well, though was always curious about him.

Andrew didn't pick up on the ques as well as Abigail did. And when Andrew was 14, Abigail disappeared. It was only shortly before then that Andrew began to see monsters. The thought terrified him, and he slowly underwent dark phases. But, eventually, his sister came back a year later. She looked like she hadn't aged a day, and yet, looked as fierce as they came. Her eyes were sharper, and she was clothed as though she was fit to survive a hurricane.

She brought him to a location across the country, in New York. She left him there, along with a white-silver wolf, named Netha, before leaving again. He had many questions, but after leaving him at camp half-blood, he didn't see her again. What was a hobby of hunting with his step-father became a talent, though Andrew spends most of his time with Netha, and is relatively anti-social.

Faceclaim: John Karna

[url=http://www.legendsfate.com/t122-andrew-johnson#403]Character Name[/url] - Male - 17 - Son of Apollo - Metilinos
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PostSubject: Re: Andrew Johnson   Thu Aug 17, 2017 8:55 pm

Approved! (Although with the harassment I shouldn't.. js)
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Andrew Johnson
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