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 Dimitri Midnight (WIP)

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PostSubject: Dimitri Midnight (WIP)   Fri Aug 18, 2017 11:32 pm

Name: Dimitri Midnight
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

God Parent:
- Cymopoleia, goddess of violent sea storms.
Mortal Parent:
- Jebediah Midnight: Dimitri's adopted parent, Jeb is a demigod as well. As far as Dimitri has ever been told, he's been a child of Demeter. He's taught Dimitri everything he knows about being a demigod.
- Theresa Midnight: Dimitri's other adopted parent, Theresa is a very loving mother who hasn't ever gone a day without giving her family a hard time just to annoy them. She's a daughter of Triton.
Other Family:
- Sasha Tremblay: Dimitri's half sister, and one of his idols at Camp Half Blood.

Birthplace: International Waters
Race: Caucasian

Skin Color: White
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6"0'
Weight: 175 lbs
Body type: Sturdy

As though it came directly from a cliche story, Dimitri was taught everything by his father, Jeb. He was raised to have some traits that are foreign to very many demigods. Kindness, pride, and a duty to always do the right thing were embedded within him for as long as he could remember. Contribution and conviction ring true to Dimitri, which was apparent to him, growing up around so few people and having so much that had to be done everyday. Dimitri is quick to show patience and gratitude, along with persistence. But, as with anyone, has his limits.
- Agriculture: Living on a farm most of his life, Dimitri was able to learn a massive portion of agricultural lifestyle, including the plants and domestication of most animals that come with it.
- Visual Learner: Dimitri can learn exceptionally easily, whether it be a skill or lesson, if it's taught visually. While he's as well as anyone else when it comes to reading, Dimitri is prone to pick up on something if he's watching it be done.
- Natural Leader: For better or for worse, Dimitri is quick to make up his mind in an intense situation, and speak his mind about a situation. Even if it's a difficult one. These traits have left him susceptible to make choices when others can't, even if it means bearing a difficult consequence.
- Homesick: Dimitri has fairly common bouts of homesickness, where he misses the simplicity and familiarity of his original home. He misses his parents and his farm often, even though he knows it isn't his place anymore.
- Bad Liar: Closer to "impulsive truth telling," Dimitri is poor at lying and chooses not to do it. Dimitri is commonly blatantly honest, and if something does come up he feels should be a secret, will usually tell the person that he can't tell them, over a lie.
- Overly Trusting: While Dimitri doesn't necessarily trust everyone he meets, he does always give them a chance to prove themselves right or wrong to his initial thoughts, even if he shouldn't Dimitri would give even the shadiest person a chance before making a rash decision about how to treat them.

- Xiphos: Dimitri's favored weapon, and what he uses when he has his choice. This leaf-bladed sword is about two and a half feet, most of that short length, being the blade itself.
- Dagger: Dimitri's first ever weapon, Jeb gave him this dagger long before he made it to Camp Half Blood. The dagger has a wide-stiletto style, and is 8 inches long including the handle. It has a golden hue to it.
- Human Finns: Dimitri is able to breathe underwater with no difficulty. (No, he doesn't have actual gills.)
- Water Powered: When at least halfway submerged in water, Dimitri experiences a rise in awareness, energy, and stability. His powers also become much easier to use.
- Waterproof: Dimitri can will with his mind for water to simply roll off of him as though it was water off of a duck's back.
- Sea Communication: Dimitri can talk to deadly sea creatures, such as sharks, whales, and ironically, jellyfish.
- Hydrokenesis: Dimitri can will water with his mind. He's able to move around and manipulate up to 10 gallons at once. He can do this 8 times per thread with a cooldown of 5 posts.
- Holy Water: Dimitri, while manipulating water, can use it to harm or heal. When using it to heal, Dimitri can seal minor wounds or cure minor poison. Should he use this ability on a massive wound or an amputation, at best he can slow the bleeding. The same goes for poison, should it be major enough to kill, he can only delay the poison. When he wills the water to harm, it creates a minor burn along skin. However, should it reach an open wound, it burns similar to salt or a citric acid being pressed into it.
- Storm: Dimitri can only activate this power if there's already rain clouds in the sky. Upon activation of this power, the rain will become a much more intense storm, even gathering lightning. Dimitri can not control any of this, or deactivate it. Once activated, the storm will carry out as though natural. Using this power makes Dimitri light headed.

- Infancy:
"He's beautiful." The older man's voice echoed, holding the newborn. "I remember holding Caelia when she was born. You think you'll never fell 'nother thing like it, and then, here he is." He said, turning to his wife. The older blonde just returned a sweet smile to her husband. She felt nothing other than completion, like every goal she had ever set in life was done. Her husband returned a look at her, cradling the baby close to him. "I'm sorry we couldn't have one of our own." He said, confidence still existed in his voice. It was one of the things in life that Jeb would change, if only he could.

His wife gently closed the gap between them. They'd done what demigods couldn't, and lived a successful life outside of safe walls. They didn't live the safest life, but they did well for themselves. Her hand gently covered his outer hand, which was supporting the baby's head. "He is our own." She assured him. It was one of the most memorable moments of her long life. "What were you thinking for a name? I know we weren't exactly expectin' him this soon." She gently teased.

"Dimitri." Jeb said, smiling down on his son. He had a lot to do to prepare his child. Life would not be the same again, and yet Jeb could tell, he wasn't going to bother looking back.


Dimitri was born of a mortal man, and the goddess Cymopoleia. A man and a goddess he's never met, and has never felt desire to meet. Shortly after the birth, the mortal man handed him off, wanting nothing to do with him. After so many hands and confusions were set to rest, he ended up in the hand of an older couple, one he would never regret being with. Jebediah and Theresa Midnight, a married couple who lived in a southern secluded farm, Midnight Farm. They had no direct neighbors, and tended to themselves a great amount of time. They were both demigods, and committed to showing their son how to live.

Dimitri was looked after the same amount you'd expect a pair of new parents would. Without the outside world of technology and over-saturation of odd customs, Dimitri was raised in a very old-style way. His parents were strict, but kind. Dimitri could not get what he wanted by screaming or crying for it. As an infant, he never learned what the power of pity was. It just never worked on his parents, and perhaps, it was one of the best things they'd ever done for him.

- Childhood:
"Where's dad?" A young Dimitri asked. The boy was home schooled and taught how to do everything by his parents. It was a miracle that two people had maintained so much and still raised a kid. That wasn't on Dimitri's mind, however, while he looked out of the window, the pouring rain outside, it was a chilly Saturday. At least they didn't have to worry about watering the crops, Dimitri guessed.

"Your daddy's out visitin' your aunty. Remember her? Auntie Cora? She came by for Christmas this year. I'm not really supposed to tell you this, but they come from a real fancy kinda place." There was a deal in place, that information like that just wasn't allowed to leave the household. But Theresa knew she wasn't breaking any rules. She was just bending them. She gave her son a sweet smile, before joining him at the window, looking outside. "Do you like storms, hon'?" She asked.

"I don't know." Dimitri answered, an honest thought. His mind was all over the place, apparently, his mom found that adorable. "It scares the horses, and can be bad for the plants. But maybe it can also be good somehow? Right? The water is good for everyone. The cool winds are a nice change too." He answered. "How come we never go with dad when he leaves?"

"Life ain't always so simple, sweat pea." She gave a simple reply, before standing up. "I think your daddy's gonna be able to tell ya'bout it one day, but until then, it's his journey. Are you worried he won't make it back?" She asked. She thought of the monsters out there, but then thought about how damn stubborn he was. He didn't even use his powers on the farm anymore; he was that committed to teaching Dimitri the right way of things.

"No, I don't think so." Dimitri said. "Are people supposed to be scared when their parents leave?"

"Sometimes." She replied. "But I think we're okay." She said, flashing a smile before giving Dimitri a kiss on the head. "C'mon, we're makin' pancakes this mornin'. Your daddy aint' here to complain that they're lumpy."


From both his mom and dad, Dimitri received so much love. Never as a kid did he go to sleep sad, or feeling like he wasn't the luckiest person in the world. As soon as he was strong enough to nip at weeds, Dimitri was outside working the farm with his parents, and he always poured his heart and soul into it, no matter how hard or grueling it was. His parents, in addition, home schooled him. Everything they wanted to teach him, they could. Anything they wanted to protect him from, they could. Within a thirty mile radius of Midnight farm, there were only fifteen other adults, and four other kids, only two of which were around Dimitri's age. Even then, Midnight farm was more secluded than the others of that area.

Dimitri didn't have much of a social life, and it didn't bother him even a little. Any advice his parents did give to him, he took without second thought. The concept of social anxiety was completely fake, to Dimitri. He didn't know of it, and didn't feel it. When talking to other kids or adults, he acted the same, and followed the code his father had passed down to him. Despite the lack of outside social interaction, Dimitri was a happy and well-mannered child.

- Teenage Years:
Dimitri had been getting pretty good at riding, but it didn't make the rowdy horses any less difficult to control. "C'mon boy." Dimitri rolled his eyes. "You see these open door pens? That's for you, definitely ain't for me." He joked, edging slightly closer to the horse. Each step was careful, just the way he was taught, and slowly, his hand reached for the snout of the horse, and gently patted him. "Yeah, 'sbetter." He cooed gently, giving the horse a pet. "Y'know I ain't lookin' to put horseshoes on ya. I don't believe in that." He gently said, petting the horse. He gently took hold of the lead, all he needed was a saddle. He'd ride bareback, but it wasn't like he was looking to impress anyone. Then, the stable door opened, and both of his parents stood there. Solemn looks in their eyes. Dimitri could tell something was serious. "What wrong?" He asked, letting go of the lead, and giving his horse a quick pat, before rushing to his parents.

"Son, wait there." His dad warned, and as always when his parents spoke, Dimitri listened. He waited, and his dad raised his hand. Immediately, Dimitri could tell something wasn't right. He looked to where his dad was looking, which was right at his horse, Riley. Then, Dimitri couldn't believe his eyes, when the horse he'd spent so long with, suddenly had wings on his sides, as if it was natural. Dimitri could feel himself losing understanding quickly, and looking back to his parents.

"It's called a pegasus, hon'." Theresa said to him, approaching him and gently touching his shoulder. "I know right now you must be confused. Scared, even. All of those questions you had, all the little ones, we both always said someday to? Well, someday is today, darlin'." She said, tying to console him.

Jeb approached his son, looking his straight in the eye. "Dimitri, son. There are many things I need to tell you today, you always listen so well when I ask. But it's so important that you listen twice as well today, and never forget. Do you understand?" He asked, making eye contact with his son. It was time to come clean.

The demigod let out a few uncertain breaths, but calmed quickly. His mom and dad were here. Things hadn't gone wrong. Surely, all would come clear. With a confident nod, Dimitri spoke. "I understand."


Dimitri and Jeb walked a dirt road, one so familiar to Dimitri, and yet, he'd never felt this way while walking on it. He walked, with the tiniest bit of blood on the side of his face. While his father walked, with a lot of blood on his face, and torso too. None of the blood belonged to either of the Midnight men.

The road they walked was a few miles, leading from Midnight Farm to a much smaller farm. Dimitri had known it as Wheatridge Farm, owned by Geoff Wheatridge, a man he'd met several times a month. He had a daughter who sometimes visited, but other than that, he was alone. Now, he was dead, and Dimitri wasn't sure what he was feeling.

There had been long silence on the walk home, and now they were nearing Midnight Farm when Dimitri finally spoke. "Did you really have to kill him?" Dimitri asked. He wasn't scared, he wasn't panicked, but above all else, he wasn't certain of anything. Only that he'd witnessed something, and maybe he shouldn't have.


Faceclaim: Landon Liboiron

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Dimitri Midnight (WIP)
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