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PostSubject: Unsteady   Mon Aug 21, 2017 4:10 pm

It had been a long day for the daughter of Chione. So much happened in what seemed like such a small fraction of life. She was preparing the fifth cohort for multiple things today and led them through what she needed to. Corinne knew Christian was going to be busy with quite a few things today. He never disclosed details. Just that he had stuff to do at the senate house today. Either way, Corinne went on doing the tasks she needed to do.

The one thing she had been meaning to do as soon as she could was to head over to New Rome. Rinne needed to go to the hospital and pay someone a visit. Now more than ever. Everything was getting a bit weird around here, and she only wished she had the fifth cohort’s optio with her at this moment.

Walking into the hospital she was led to where they had been keeping Lennie. Corinne didn’t know a lot of medical stuff, so everything sounded like gibberish or looked odd. This wasn’t what she had been used to, but to her understanding medicine had come such a long way from when she was around. It was truly fascinating how fast everything advanced. Medicine, technology, society. There were some aspects the brunette really did miss about her days. Dresses and corsets weren’t any of the things she missed though. Pants truly were a blessing.

“Thank you.” Corinne said softly to the doctor, her name was Joan. She pulled up a chair next to Lennie’s bedside and took her hand in hers. Lennie was always closer to Christian, but Lennie had always been there for her, especially for adjusting. Sometimes Rinne could never thank the demigod for enough. The daughter of Chione could feel tears welling up in her eyes again. How things got so chaotic like this? She never knew.

When Corinne was positive they were alone that was when she spoke. “I’m not sure if you can ever hear me when I come talk to you, but I don’t know who else to go to right now.” She said softly with a bit of a somber tone. The demigod had been here to visit at least twice a week if not more. Always trying to keep a familiar person in the room in case she woke up.

Corinne spoke quieter in more of a hushed tone. “Things are weird. I don’t trust anyone right now. I wish you were around. You’d know what to do. You’d know what would be best. Sometimes I think you should have been centurion, then maybe I would have gone on that quest instead and you’d be in the right spot to make this call.” At this point the daughter of Chione’s other hand enclosed Lennie’s hand while her elbows rested on the bed and she leaned in a bit.

She took a deep breath in and closed her eyes. Slowly she exhaled and lowered her head a bit. A few tears managed to escape. Corinne felt the weight of the world on her shoulders right now. She knew she could do this job, Rinne knew she could pull through, but the constant reminder of the weight on her shoulders made it a hard struggle.

“I just got told he’s gone. His stuff looted. He killed someone. That’s what they say. Your hatchet the weapon.” Corinne found it hard to get the words out. They didn’t feel real. They didn’t feel genuine. They didn’t feel right. But she had nothing to prove otherwise. “I’m supposed to tell the fifth. I want to, but I don’t know if I should tell them that it’s potentially false information. Suspicions will rise. I won’t be able to control it, and I feel like I’ve been given a warning. Lennie, I don’t know what to do.” A few more tears fell from her face. She had the internal conflict, but she knew what she had to do. Rinne had to tell the fifth the way Tiberius said it. Give them no suspicions.

For the first time in a year and a half, Corinne felt alone. The pain that was there when she found out she had been frozen for a hundred years or more was resurfacing. Lennie was laying here attached to machines, not even an ounce of life seeming to be there, besides the fact she was breathing. Christian gone missing in action. At least last time she had the pocket watch, she didn’t even have that anymore. Yet more tears from her face.

“Lennie. I miss you. I need you. I wish you would wake up.” She said just barely making it out. It was hard to gather herself together, but she was startled by the light movements of Lennie's fingers and when her head snapped up the eyes of the daughter of Nerio were open. A bunch of emotions overcame her in that moment and she couldn't help the tears that began to fall consistently. "Lennie! You're awake!"
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