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 The Prescotts

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PostSubject: The Prescotts   Tue Aug 22, 2017 10:50 am

August Prescott is the the first born to Gabrielle Giroux and Daniel Prescott. After him followed his two younger siblings, Xavier and Serena. August was written into the fourth cohort by his own parents and even his grandfather Nolan Giroux. From there he worked very hard to get to where he is. While in the legion August was the fourth cohort optio. He never made it to the rank of Centurion, but he was perfectly fine with that. After his time spent in the legion, the legacy of Chione had gone off to join the American military. He figured with a less scented bloodline from his godly parent he could work in the military like he had wanted to. He served for about fifteen years. During the times while he was away he ended up having Jeb with Demeter, and later when he ended up marrying his now wife, Aria he ended up having George and Cora.

Aria Prescott was from a wealthy, but small New Rome family. The Remington's were a small New Rome Family back in the day, they were founded on wealth and prided themselves on being in the first cohort more often than not. The Remington's died out when Aria got married and changed her last name. She was the only one that could have carried the family line down, but she refused to keep her surname. The Remington's were a very twisted family, and Aria wasn't too keen on their practices and their ways. Aria was a very distance legacy of Mercury. Their family reached eight generations, her being the eighth and final. Aria was a medic in the first cohort. She was very skilled at what she did and she loved it. Aria instead of going into medicine decided to be a veterinarian. She retired about ten years ago. She ended up having two children with August Prescott, one he had previously from another woman, but Arai has always treated all her children as her own. Not for a single minute did she think one was lesser than the other.

Cora Prescott is the daughter of Aria and August Prescott. She is a very distant legacy of Mercury (ninth generation) and she is a fourth generation of Chione. Much like the rest of her family, she was written into the fourth cohort. From there she worked her way up. Hard work and dedication made her go far in the legion. She was a medic for several years and in her remainder years she was a centurion.
Cora led her cohort well and she was very highly respected in her time at the legion. After her legion years she ended up being part of the senate for a couple years before she went off to med school. While she was in med school she ended up hooking up with Vulcan a few times. Resulting in each one of her three children. Caelia, Marina, and Roy. Cora is somewhat close to her older brother Jeb. He was there to hold Caelia after she had been born. When Jeb had gotten Dimitri Cora visited her brother and nephew. She's always sent small birthday and Christmas gifts to Dimitri. They've spent a few holidays together, but not a lot. Cora is very busy working as one of the head doctors at Saint Julius Caesar Memorial Hospital.
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The Prescotts
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