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 Big Ass Character Form: Silas Julius

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PostSubject: Big Ass Character Form: Silas Julius   Thu Aug 31, 2017 3:03 pm

Full Name: Silas Oliver Julius
Pronunciation: (Self explanatory)Si-liss Olive-r Jul-lee-us
Nickname/Alias: has been called Si before, not by many people though, usually just his family and few close friends.
The name Silas is a Latin, in Latin the meaning of the name Silas is: Of the forest or God of trees and forests.
The name Oliver is an English name, in English the meaning of the name Oliver is: The olive tree. The biblical olive tree symbolizes fruitfulness and beauty and dignity. 'Extending an olive branch' signifies an offer of peace.
In Latin the meaning of the name Julius is: Youthful. In Greek it means hairy.
Origin: Well, Ella gave me his last name, and I googled Latin names for his first name, and I just happened to be watching The Arrow thinking of names, so i wanted Oliver.
Title: None.
Signature: Kind of scribbled, almost rushed. Letters slant to the left.

Gender: Male
Orientation: Demisexual
Real Age: 17 years old
Age Appearance: Silas looks his age for the most part. Sometimes people mistake him for younger, but never younger than 15.
Birthday: December 30th 2000
Birthplace: Silas was born at Julius Caesar Memorial Hospital in New Rome
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Zodiac Sign: Dragon

Immediate Family:
Father: Magnus Julius, a first generation legacy of Fides and Honos
Mother: Rebecca Kingston Julius, a daughter of Letus
Brother: Linus, a year older than Silas. They get along pretty well, they are prone to fight a bit, but at the end of the day they are still really close.
Sister: Natalia, is Silas’s older sister. She and Linus fight like cats and dogs, but she gets along with Silas fairly easily. Probably because Silas just doesn’t usually see the need to fight, while Linus will.
Distant Family:
Grandfather on mother’s side: Letus god of death.
Great-Grandfather on father’s side: Honos god of Honor
Great-Grandmother on father’s side: Fides goddess of trust
Grandfather: Patrick Julius, a son of Honos. He is a tough old man, who doesn’t like the fact that his grandchildren have the blood from a “unimportant” god, like Letus. He is strict, and pretty much unforgiving. He dislikes Natalia the most, followed closely by Silas. He tolerates Linus a bit more than his siblings because he isn’t the “first mistake,” like Natalia is, and isn’t “broken,” like Silas.
Grandmother: Beth Hanover Julius. She is a nice old lady, and while she doesn’t approve to much on her son’s choice for a wife, she has accepted her grandchildren that have come out of the relationship. While she also has the same beliefs that her husband does, she is also more accepting. She used to bake cookies and give Silas and his siblings candy when they were younger, and their parents weren’t looking.
Cousins: Silas has four older cousins, Amara and Felix. They spend a lot of awkward family dinners together. The other two are Marina and Lenora Taylor, he isn’t as close in age as he is with Amara and Felix.
Aunts&Uncles: His aunt Sana and Uncle Cyrus. And then aunt Clarissa and Uncle Dean.
Parenting: Magnus and Rebecca run a tight ship, however, even though they are strict, they lover their children equally and would do anything to protect them.
Upbringing: Silas and his siblings were raised to believe they could do anything they wanted. A much different upbringing than their father apparently had.
Infancy: Being the youngest, Silas definitely got a lot of attention in his Infancy. Overall he had been a quiet baby and toddler, who didn’t cry as often as people thought he should.
Childhood: Silas was a shy kid, probably stemming from having a severe speech impediment, even though it got better as he got older, he was still very self-conscious of it. Overall he had been a happy kid, he played with his “imaginary” friends a lot more than real people. Of course these weren’t really imaginary, they were just ghosts of people who died. At the age of 10 he had been accepted into the third cohort, and has been slowly trying to move up the rank system since.
Adolescence: As Silas has gotten older, he became a much more confident person. He is very well liked by his fellow legionnaires, in cohort 3. Even though at first no one was sure what to do with him. He has proven to have hidden strength, that no one ever expects him to have. He is still seen by his family as the “baby,” he’s grown used to that though.
Adulthood: Silas will eventually plan on attending New Rome University, as a History Major. He’s not sure what he wants to do with that major yet, he doesn’t want to be a teacher though. There’s too much talking in that job. << This of course, is only his plan if he never goes completely blind. He’s not sure what he’ll do if that were to happen.
Coming of Age: He “grew up” when he started taking on more responsibilities within his Cohort. Also, having to deal with his grandfather has also pushed him to grow up a little also.
Evolution: Silas has grown from a shy child to a person who is just slightly less shy and awkward

Species: human/legacy
Ethnicity: latin/roman
Blood Type: AB
Preferred Hand: Left handed
Facial Type: Square head
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: brown
Hairstyle: short, brushed off to the side. Sometimes it has a messy look to it.
Skin Tone: pale
Complexion: soft, gets sunburn easily
Makeup: none
Body Type: in between Mesomorph and Endomorph
Height: 72in/6ft
Weight: 130 lbs
Facial Hair: While he can grow facial face, Silas thinks he looks better without it, and chooses to shave it all off.
Shoe Size: 11 in American
Birthmarks/scars: He has an assortment of scars from various monsters, and one from when he broke his arm learning how to ride a bike at the age of five.
Distinguishing Features: Silas is blind in his right eye, because of this his right eye is a very light blue color, almost looks white.

Health: Despite his handicap, Silas actually has a great immune system. He rarely gets sick. Whenever everyone else is sick, he never catches any of the diseases that his siblings catch. However when he does manage to get sick, it's usually pretty bad.
Energy: Silas has about the same energy level any demigod/legacy his age would have.
Memory: Silas has a pretty good memory. He can remember little details that others have missed.
Senses: Silas has great senses. His eyesight in his one good eye is heightened, and his hearing is above average.
Allergies: allergic to Morphine, and pineapple
Handicaps: Silas is currently blind only in his right eye, however it is extremely possible that he will also lose sight in his left eye, at any given moment. He also has a slight stutter when he talks, as he’s gotten older it has become less obvious, however stressful situations can cause it to worsen again.
Medication: None
Phobias: Silas, because a legacy of Letus, is not scared of much. Growing up his imaginary friends hadn’t actually been imaginary. They were just ghosts. However, Silas is terrified of his grandfather, who once told him he never should’ve been born, and purposely goes out of his way to make Silas's life miserable.
Addictions: nope
Mental Disorders: not really

Style: Kind of casual. He’ll wear whatever he manages to find in the morning.
Mode of Dress: Silas tends to have a very casual look, even to his nicest clothes. You would never find him wearing a shirt tucked in, or find him in a tie.
Grooming: Generally well-kept.
Posture: in between stiff and slouchy
Gait: He walks pretty normal. Hos speed is about average also.
Coordination: His coordination is pretty adequate. Nothing over the top, but if you told him to “think fast,” from his good eye’s side, he’d probably be able catch whatever you throw at him.
Habits and Mannerisms: Bites the inside of his lip when he’s thinking or nervous.
Scent: Most always smells good, he’s not a dirty person. The only time he smells bad is after he’s training or working out.

Mood: Neutral. Depends on what's going on.
Attitude: Silas is usually an easy going guy. He’s friendly with most everyone, unless they give him a reason not too.
Stability: Overall Silas has a fairly even temperament. He has never gone off his rocker, or anything like that. He doesn’t tend to overreact to most things.
Expressiveness: tries to hide his emotions, but he sucks at it
When Happy: Smiles, a lot.
When Depressed: He tends to push his emotions away. He doesn’t like dealing with it, so he just pretends he’s fine when he’s not.
When Angry: He handles his anger fairly well, he doesn’t usually lash out unless he feels he needs too. He can be cocky son of a bitch, when he wants to though. Just depends on the situation.

Current Residence: Silas lives in New Rome/Camp Jupiter, in California.
Community: Everyone is either genuinely very nice, or very two-faced.
Family: See Immediate and Distant Family
Friends: He hangs out with the Prescott’s and that’s the only established relationship so far. But Silas is easy to get along with, so he probably has more than the Prescott’s as his friends.
Enemies: No one!
Bosses: His Centurions
Followers: Doesn’t really have any... yet.
Heroes: Doesn't really look up to anyone. Yet. I haven't used him enough to get that.
Rivals: Silas has no actual rivals. But there's a small rivalry that does exist between the old families of New Rome, and the newer families that are starting to rise.
Relates to: TBA
Pets: He doesn’t have any right now. Though he did have a goldfish at one point.

Wardrobe: Like i said before, Silas has a casual look. He doesn't usually go over the top with any of his clothes, even when he has to look nice. His formal wear tends to be anything his mom makes him wear, usually a suit but he refuses to wear ties. His casual, everyday look tends to be whatever he finds in his closet.
Equipment: IG knives and a sword
Accessories: Has a small tattoo on the under part of his arm
Trinkets: See prized possession
Funds: Silas’s parents make a decent sum of money, however they are by no means upper class citizens. They sit comfortably in the middle class, possibly upper middle class. Silas, himself works part time at a retail job, because his parents have always insisted on him and his siblings earning their own money.
Home: Silas’s parents own a two story, four bedroom, 3 1/2 bathroom house. His parents renovated the attic into a master bedroom with a bathroom. On the second floor is Silas’s and his siblings bedrooms, along with the second bathroom. On the first floor, there is a living room, dining room, and a kitchen, there’s also a half bathroom just outside the kitchen in the hallway. The basement was recently renovated to be a tv/hangout room, and also has a second smaller room that serves as his parents shared home office.
Neighborhood: (What are the people and places near your character like?)
Transportation: Usually walks, if his destination is too far to walk, he’ll use a car.
Collections: His dad used to get him baseball cards when he was younger, he still has all of them in the bottom drawer of his desk. He doesn’t collect them anymore.
Most valuable possession: The TV in his room
Prized Possession: He has a pendant that he’s had since he was born. Both his siblings have similar ones. They always wear them.

Lovers: Silas has never had a girlfriend
Marital Status: Currently single, not really looking, but whatever happens, happens.
Type: someone who is more outspoken than he is
Turn-Ons: (What does your character want to see in their ideal mate?)
Turn Offs: (What tends to make them back off?)
Virginity: Still has it...

Occupation: Legionnaire
Work Ethic: Silas is a very hard worker, he always does as much as he possibly can.
Rank: doesn't have one... yet
Wealth Status: Silas’s family is on the higher end of the middle class
Experience: Silas has 8 years worth of experience being in the legion. He’s gone on multiple quests/missions and has been very successful.
Organizations/Affiliations: Camp Jupiter, the Legion.

IQ: 120
Education: Silas is a junior in high school
School: New Rome High School has about 1,200 students in whole.
Grade: Gets mostly straight A’s and some B’s
Special Education: He takes honors classes
Social Stereotype: Kind of a wallflower, but because he plays sports he’s kind of accepted as a jock.
Degrees: He’ll eventually earn his high school diploma, and he’s not sure what he wants to do after high school.
Intelligence: kinesthetic and interpersonal
Extracurricular Activities: plays varsity baseball

Religion: He believes in the Roman Gods
Morals: He finds whatever his grandfather does, to usually be morally wrong, if that gives you a good picture.
Crime Record: Silas has never been in trouble with the law, and doesn’t ever plan to be.
Motivation: Family
Priorities: Family, Friends, The Legion, School
Political Affiliation: Doesn't really care too much for the politics of the mortal world. If he had to pick, he’d be a Liberal.
Etiquette: Silas is very polite, and has good manners all across the board, thanks to his mother.
Culture: See traditions
Influences: TBA
Relates to: TBA
Traditions: The Julius’s are an old Roman family. They follow many old customs and traditions.
Superstitions: believes that if a person dies in front of a mirror, then their soul will get trapped in it.

Main Goal: Hasn’t been decided yet.
Minor Goals/Ambitions: To get his grandfather to respect him, and to not go completely blind.
Career: He wants to do something with a history major, but he doesn’t know what yet.
Desires: to be happy
Accomplishments: Will eventually happen.
Greatest Achievement: Hasn’t happened yet
Biggest Failure: Hasn’t happened yet
Secrets: While borrowing his dad's car, he got in a small accident, and the hood got dented. He managed to get it fixed before his dad got home from work. Silas never told anyone.
Regrets: He regrets that other time he and his brother “borrowed” their dad's car, and then accidentally flipped the car twice over the side of the road.
Worries: Going completely blind
Best Dream:
Worst Nightmare: Silas believes that the worst thing that could ever happen to him, is losing his eyesight completely. He sees the possibility as a curse, and he would rather be dead then to only be able to see people's life forces go out.
Best Memories: beating his older siblings in checkers, and his grandmother making chocolate chip cookies and letting him eat them when his parents wouldn’t.
Worst Memories: Silas’s worst memory is when he was five years old and he lost the sight in his right eye. He had woken up in the middle of the night in a pool of blood and in the worst pain he had ever experienced.

Hobbies/Interests: Reading, writing, baseball
Skills/Talents: Most sports. Silas loves baseball, and is surprisingly good at it for only having one eye. Silas is also really good at being honest, he has a hard time lying, cause he can’t look people in the eye when he has to lie.
Likes: Food, sleeping, and baseball. Sometimes he also likes training.
Dislikes: People who lie
Sense of Humor: Witty
Pet Peeves: When people sing along to songs they don’t know well enough.
Superstitions/Beliefs: He believes in ghosts, because he can actually see them.
Dreams/Nightmares: An assortment of different things.
Quirks: Silas is prone to talking in his sleep, and sleep walking. When he was very young, he was also prone to having night terrors, but hasn’t had them in years.
Savvy: The supernatural world.
Can't understand: Chemistry
Closet Hobby: he knits ok, get over it.
Guilty Pleasure: Nope doesn’t have one

Strengths: good listener, calm under pressure
Flaws: Socially awkward, Shy
Perception: Silas see the world as more than it seems to be, because he can see things that others can’t.
Conflicts: When he has to choose between what he thinks, and what his family thinks.
Instincts: To do what he thinks the right thing to do is.
Lures: Love
Soft Spot: animals. Loves dogs.
Cruel Streak: When he feels that he needs to prove a point

*He can summon up to 15 skeletons, twice a topic, anymore than that and he'll pass out from overexertion of his powers
*Shadow Travel: Silas can basically go anywhere he wants, but anything further than 10 miles and he gets either (20 miles) dizzy, (30 miles) sick, or (anything over than 30 miles) can pass out. Depending on how far... also, only once a topic.
*He can see life auras with his left eye only(Tis why he's blind in that eye). He doesn't get much from what he sees with it, but judging by the color he can pretty much tell when they might die, but since auras change depending on situations he'll never know for sure. (Ex. someone's in a dangerous/deadly situation, so their aura is red. But they manage to survive it, so their aura is back to its normal color)
*Invisibility- it's more of a power, but I'm considering it an ability right now, because he doesn't know how to control it yet.
*He can see and talk to ghosts. (his house is haunted AF)
Ability: Silas is pretty adept to using his powers, he has almost perfect control over all of them. He only has a hard time controlling his invisibility power because he only just discovered it.
Weaknesses: All weaknesses are explained in the Abilities and Powers
Immunities: ghosts can’t touch him (like a poltergeist wouldn't be able to pick him up a toss him across the room)
Restrictions: I have included the restrictions to his powers with his powers

Favorite Colors: Blue, and Green
Favorite Animals: lions
Favorite Mythological Creatures: doesn't really have a favorite, most he’s met have tried to kill him...
Favorite Places: He once visited Europe on a quest. He thought it would be pretty cool to visit again, for fun the next time.
Favorite Landmarks: The Parthenon
Favorite Flavors: Chocolate, Mango
Favorite Foods: pizza, and his mom's homemade mac & cheese
Favorite Drinks: cherry coke, iced tea
Favorite People: N/A
Favorite Genre: mystery, adventure
Favorite Books: He’s read a lot of books. How could he possibly be forced to pick a small few!?
Favorite Movies: The Sandlot
Favorite Games: Checkers. But he’ll play anything that tests his mind.
Favorite Shows: The Walking Dead
Favorite Music: He doesn't have a favorite type of music. He’ll listen to anything.
Favorite Bands: Green Day. But he’d probably listen to anything, he’s not picky.
Favorite Songs: Right now its, Runaway by Ed Sheeran. But it changes a lot.
Favorite Sports: Baseball
Favorite Stores: Overall doesn’t care where his clothes came from, but if he had to choose  
Favorite Subjects: History,
Favorite Numbers: 7, 8, 9. Why? Cause, seven ate nine... duh
Favorite Websites: doesn't use the internet enough to care about which websites are his favorite.
Favorite Words: “moist” cause everyone else hates it
Favorite Quotations: “We’re all just stories in the end... Just make it a good one, ehh?”

Disliked Colors: red
Disliked Animals: horses.
Disliked Mythological Creatures: Pretty much any of the ones that would want to kill him
Disliked Places: California
Disliked Landmarks: Niagara Falls
Disliked Flavors: strawberry
Disliked Foods: anything spicy
Disliked Drinks: apple juice
Disliked People: I would like to say that he doesn’t like his grandfather. But it's more that he just doesn’t like being around buim. Silas doesn’t hate many people.
Disliked Genre: Romantic Comedy
Disliked Books: The Hunger Games Trilogy
Disliked Movies: Dirty Dancing
Disliked Games: Call of Duty
Disliked Shows: The Flash
Disliked Music: country
Disliked Bands: Paramore, One Direction
Disliked Songs: anything that is sung by Justin Bieber
Disliked Sports: Football
Disliked Stores: Nike, to expensive
Disliked Subjects: Math, Science
Disliked Numbers: 5, 19
Disliked Websites: doesn't have one
Disliked Words: blind
Disliked Quotations: "Every dog has his day”

Languages: Silas can speak short conversations in Latin, but he’s not completely fluent, yet.
Accent: English/American
Voice: low pitched, but very soft...
Speech Impediments: was born with a stutter, it has gotten much better over the years, but it slips out every once in awhile with certain words, or stressful situations.
Greetings and Farewells:
Greeting- “Uhh... h-hi!” *awkward smile*
Farewell- “See ya later!”
State of Mind: “I’m good, how are you?”
Compliment: “I-I like your shirt.”
Insult: Silas is almost incapable of insulting someone, so tba on this...
Expletive: “Damn...”
Laughter: Depends on how funny the joke is. Silas will react with anything from a small giggle to full blown cackling. His laugh isn’t annoying, it can be described as happy. Like he genuinely finds whatever it is he’s laughing at actually funny.
Tag Line: “Uhh...”
Signature Quote: “Will you sh-shut up already!? You don’t care about us! S-so why the hell do you th-think we care about what you th-think!?” >>to his grandfather

First Impressions: Silas is sweet, kind of shy, and a bit awkward and tongue tied.
Stranger Impressions: A stranger would think he’s a nice kid
Friendly Impressions: Very loyal
Enemy Impressions: “WHY IS HE SO HARD TO HATE?!”
Familiar Impressions: Nice kid, doesn’t shut up about how he beats everyone at checkers.
Compliments: “awe, you're so adorable!”
Insults: While most of the world has nothing bad to say about Silas, his grandfather would probably be the one to say, “You are the weakness of this family!”
Self-Impression: “...Ehh i guess I’m alright?”

MBTI Personality Type: in between INFP, INFJ, and INTJ
Temperament: in between Melancholic and Phlegmatic
Enneagram:The Helper/The Investigator/The Loyalist/The Peacemaker
Persona/Mask: Silas doesn't have much to hide, he’s kind of an open book. He’s exactly what people think he is.

Alignment: Neutral
Comparison: If Silas was an animal he'd be a mouse or a cat
Vice: Pride
Virtue: Patience
Defining Moment: When he’ll eventually go tell his grandfather to go screw himself, at dinner, with the Prescotts.
Tropes: Wallflower

Liam Davenport, Sophia Virgo, Luke Avery,
Noah Parker, Silas Julius, Ensley Kate Daniels, August Nolan, Jackson “Jacks” Radcliffe
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Big Ass Character Form: Silas Julius
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