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 Important Characters of New Rome

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PostSubject: Important Characters of New Rome   Sun Dec 31, 2017 7:07 pm


  • 22 years old
  • daughter of victoria
  • legacy of vulcan
  • 3rd cohort
  • praetor


Katrina Morales was born to Nathan Morales and Victoria, the goddess of victory on November 20th. She was the first born of two, meaning she has a younger brother who goes by the name of Kyle Morales. Her brother Kyle is 19 years old and is only a legacy of Vulcan. He currently resides in the fifth cohort. Katrina was fairly close with her younger brother growing up, they often spent time playing card games together or they'd play dress up as per Katrina's request. Kat eventually got into the phase where she'd pick on her younger brother and they'd get in fights constantly until she was about eleven years old and got sought out by Lupa and her wolves.
Upon getting to camp she was placed into the third cohort. Katrina quickly became an active team member for the third and did everything she could to help out. Katrina was a bit of a perfectionist so once she learned what the drills were she began to practice them relentlessly in her free time to get it down. The daughter of Victoria showed a lot of promise in her younger years as she became determined and never gave up. It was when she was thirteen that she became an optio and would help out the younger legionnaires with their form and finding their fighting styles. One of them being Aspen Virgo. Later at the age of fifteen she became a centurion of the third which was a position she would hold for four years all the while training Apsen to take over for her. At the age of 19 the praetor at the time had died while in combat and the senate had to choose a new Praetor. The senators were more than pleased with the work Kat had done in the legion and in her cohort so they gave her a trial period before appointing her Praetor. Kat has now been praetor for three years.
As a person Katrina is determined, fierce, and has the will to be a leader. She has never been the type to be "understanding" and super empathetic. Not meaning that she can't be, but more often than not she's putting down her foot and saying what needs to be said. In any given situation she'd be the bad cop compared to her co praetor.


  • 24 years old
  • legacy of venus
  • legacy of cupid
  • 2nd cohort
  • former centurion
  • senator


Nick Waterford was born to Angela and Richard Waterford. Angela, a daughter of Venus, is the Chief of Police for the New Rome Police Department. Richard, son of Cupid, is the CFO of Davenport Real Estate. He has a younger sister, Emily Waterford. While the Waterfords might not be as wealthy as the Davenports or Virgos, they are certainly rising stars in the New Rome social scene.
Due to his parent’s social status, he was easily able to secure a 2nd cohort spot. He was always a natural leader, and quickly secured a spot as opito. It wasn’t long before he was put into a Centurion spot. Nick was known as an easy going but structured leader and always extremely charismatic. He seemed to get along with everyone. When he was 20 years old his time in the legion had been served and he stepped down as centurion to attend New Rome University. His replacement was Rowan Davenport.
Nick received a bachelors in political science one year prior and is attending University of California Berkeley Law School. He is a current member of the New Rome Senate and is part of the Senate Training Program. As a member he helps train members of the legion who need more individualized attention or who’s centurions are unqualified to teach. He focuses on power control, especially those whose powers are volatile. After dealing with his uncontrollable charmspeak, he’s passing down his methods in hopes that others can feel control.
In recent news he was involved in a situation at the Senate Hall six months prior where Rowan Davenport attempted to stab him. While nobody knows why, Rowan stepped down as centurion immediately afterwards. Nick was unharmed and is still a senator.


  • 17 years old
  • legacy of venus
  • legacy of cupid
  • 1st cohort
  • legionarre


Emily Waterford was born to Angela and Richard Waterford. Angela, a daughter of Venus, is the Chief of Police for the New Rome Police Department. Richard, son of Cupid, is the CFO of Davenport Real Estate. She has an older brother, Nick Waterford. While the Waterfords might not be as wealthy as the Davenports or Virgos, they are certainly rising stars in the New Rome social scene.
Due to her parent’s social status and her brother’s success in cohort 2, she was put into the best of the best. She trained hard and worked with her brother and other high ranking senators and former centurions to make sure she was the best in her cohort. Still, she never amounted to any leadership. She also holds charmspeak powers, but has good control over them.
Emily is known for her hard to deal with attitude, which is one reason why she hasn’t had any of the opportunities her brother did. She’s supposedly going through her rebellious phase where she rolls her eyes at people and listens to music loudly. Her parents flipped when they caught her drinking at a party, something that was the source of plenty of gossip when it happened. Especially since she disappeared the next day. Currently Emily is spending time abroad with her maternal aunt, learning the ins and outs of fashion design in Paris. She’s due to return in a month.


  • 19 years old
  • child of pluto
  • 2nd cohort
  • centurion


Davis Turner was born to Francesca Turner. She was the epitome of beauty and kindness. There was never a bad bone in her body. She had a career as a journalist who would always find the fascinating things in life. One day she ended up hooking up with Pluto, god of the underworld and that led to Davis Emilio Turner.
He was born on May 10th and was Francesca's world. She raised him to always be polite and kind to those around him even if they did him wrong. Unfortunately her mistake was in sheltering her baby boy a bit too much as he grew shy around different people, especially stronger personalities. He always felt like he was the runt of the litter in any case and all he's ever wanted was the chance to prove himself and for people to see him as a good asset to their team. Through his attempts to get people to like him he's grown rather submissive to them and timid. He doesn't want to be, but he can't help it.
Davis is surprisingly good at making fires, cooking, and using a pilum. He takes joy in making others happy by arranging flower bouquets and telling lame jokes. At the end of the day he just wants to put a smile on people's faces. He can shadow travel, and summon skeletons from the ground too, although most people don't know that about Davis. He also collects pokemon and yugioh cards and gets upset if people bend them, but he'll never get mad at them.
The son of Pluto has been at Camp Jupiter for twelve years now. Lupa and the wolves took him in when he was the age of 7 and much to a lot of people's surprise he passed her survival tests. Most people will laugh at him and not believe him when he mentions it, but it is the truth


  • 19 years old
  • legacy of vulcan
  • 5th cohort
  • medic


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Important Characters of New Rome
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