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 Hiya! I'm Here Now!

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PostSubject: Hiya! I'm Here Now!   Tue Jul 18, 2017 11:01 am

Hiya! I'm TheAutumnWriter! Nice to meet you, people! You can call me Aut, or Autumn, or Writer, or whatever you fancy! Anyway, some stuff about me, I'm a self-proclaimed expert on dragons! (I know quite a lot about their cousins as well!) So, if you want/need to know anything about them, I'm your guy! I'm writing 4 books right now, all of which are in different series, they all reside in the same multiverse, but take place at different places and times, and tell different stories. Also, if you need to talk to someone about something, anything I'll lend my ears, and try my best to comfort and give the best advice that I can.
So, yeah, I'm not the best at introductions and bios, so if you would want to know anything else about me (as long it is one personal information) just ask!
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Hiya! I'm Here Now!
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