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 Eli Virgo

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PostSubject: Eli Virgo   Wed Jan 03, 2018 2:48 am

Eli Noah Virgo
19 - Son of Mars, Legacy of Volturnus - 1st Cohort - Legionnaire

Eli Virgo was born to Julia Virgo on August 3rd 1998. His father is Mars, the Roman god of war, and through his mother he is a first generation legacy of Volturnus. He is the oldest of two younger sisters, Aspen, aged 18, and Sophia, aged 15. Being the oldest in his family Eli was used to being in charge, as the oldest he had a lot more responsibility than his younger sisters. His mother spent a lot of time at work, and he was usually the one left in charge. He has a normal relationship with both his sisters, he’s probably closer to Sophia because he basically raised her while their mom was at work, and then they bonded when they both thought their sister, Aspen was dead.

Eli was trained by Lupa at the age of eight, and then placed into cohort one. Much to his surprise. Over the years Eli had many opportunities to climb the ranks, he became Opito at the age of twelve, but after a few months he formally quit the position and went back to being a normal Legionnaire. He wasn’t a big fan of having authority over others. It was one thing to tell his sisters what to do, it was entirely different to lead people, and Eli didn’t like it.

Eli retired from the Legion a few days after his nineteenth birthday. He’s now attending NRU as undecided major, cause he has zero clue what to do with himself anymore.

Eli tends to be a bit more carefree then what most people are expecting.

As for powers and abilities, he is identical to Sophia. (So go look at her form, cause I’m tired and don’t feel like writing anymore.)

Liam Davenport, Sophia Virgo, Luke Avery
Silas Julius
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Eli Virgo
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