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 Virgo NPCs

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PostSubject: Virgo NPCs   Wed Jan 03, 2018 2:48 am

Julia Renee Wilson Virgo
40 - Daughter of Volturnus - retired 2nd Cohort Centurion -  owns a law firm
Julia Virgo was born on April 14th 1978, in Philadelphia to Volturnus and her mother, Lucia. Lucia was only 16 when she gave birth to her daughter, and had run away from her very rich parents in fear that they would be disappointed in her and make her get rid of the baby. Lucia eventually found a job, and managed to raise Julia all on her own. Eventually Lucia made up with her parents and even accepted some help in caring for her daughter while she went to college.

When Julia was two, her mother gave birth to another child of Voluturus. And then two years later, Lucia graduated from college with a journalism degree and then married the love of her life, George Virgo, who was a Marine she had met while taking college classes (who her parents did not approve of because he wasn’t rich). Even though George worked a lot and wasn’t always home, he was still a pretty good husband and loved Julia and her younger brother, Anthony as his own children.

At the age of ten Julia was found and trained by Lupa. Eventually she was sent to camp Jupiter and was placed in the second cohort. This was a time before social status played a large part in what cohort a person was placed in. Julia accidentally helped created that system, and she regrets the part she played in making it.

Julia became an opito at the age of 14, and then was promoted to Centurion at the age of 16. She eventually retired, and at the age of 19 and started attending NRU for a law and business degree, she had dreams of owning a law firm someday. She would eventually make true of that dream twelve years later, and she did it while raising three little children. By chance of luck, Julia was chosen to take over the law firm that she had been working at for the past twelve years, after the previous owner retired.

Julia gave birth to her first child, Eli at the age of 20. Then a year later her 18 year old brother asked her a favor, and by that favor she gained a second child, Aspen. Two years after that, Julia gave birth to her last child, who she named Sophia.

Anthony Jason Virgo

38 - Son of Volturnus - Former 3rd cohort Centurion - Detective

Anthony Virgo was born February 21st 1980,in Philadelphia to Lucia and Volturnus. He had learned after awhile that his mother had given up the life of wealth so that she could have his older sister Julia and then later so she could have him. Growing up Anthony and Julia would always spend time together doing whatever it was that they did. Mostly Anthony liked to be outside all of the time playing on the streets or riding his bike. It had been when he was the age of two back before he could even remember that his mother graduated from her program and ended up marrying the guy would become like a father to him.

The son of Volturnus had no problems with having George around. George had been there to teach him multiple skills when he was just a young kid. He got to learn how to ride a bike, use a screwdriver and a wrench at the age of four. He had been so excited about it all at the time and had usually been described as a happy and bubbly kid that everyone loved to watch and see what he would do next.

Anthony always had a sense for adventure so when Lupa came for him at the age of seven he took the challenge on and trained with her for a couple months before he ended up at Camp Jupiter and was placed into the third cohort. He had quickly proven himself once he was there, he had been offered to go on some big grand combat missions that were deemed impossible, when he became victorious and came back about a year later around his ninth birthday the third cohort had pushed him up to become Centurion, which is the youngest yet to have happened in the legion.

He had been a good leader and many people looked up to him in the legion for what he had done for them. Eventually as he got older he began to get a little more rebellious at times, but made sure he never got caught. He would sneak out of the barracks at night to make out with different girls at temple hill, or he'd slip into the bathhouse for a quick bath alone without anyone else to bother him.

At the age of seventeen he had started to see this girl. His attention was drawn to her that he decided that he would go slow for the most part with her. Although, there was really no use telling Zoey Sinclair no. Especially when she'd stick her older brothers on you. Unfortunately Zoey had ended up pregnant and when he was eighteen she finally had their kid. They both decided that they weren't fit to be parents at this time and that they were too young so they asked Julia a favour if she could raise their daughter Aspen as their own and keep her in the Virgo family. It was shortly after Aspen was born that Anthony ended up on a long quest and no one saw him again.

By the time he was free of his quest, instead of going back home to face the wrath his sister might have for him disappearing or the disappointed look from Zoey Sinclair he decided to move on with his life and went to school at the age of 19 to start his career path to becoming a police officer and eventually a detective.

Eli Noah Virgo
19 - Son of Mars, Legacy of Volturnus - 1st Cohort - Legionnaire

Eli Virgo was born to Julia Virgo on August 3rd 1998. His father is Mars, the Roman god of war, and through his mother he is a first generation legacy of Volturnus. He is the oldest of two younger sisters, Aspen, aged 18, and Sophia, aged 15. Being the oldest in his family Eli was used to being in charge, as the oldest he had a lot more responsibility than his younger sisters. His mother spent a lot of time at work, and he was usually the one left in charge. He has a normal relationship with both his sisters, he’s probably closer to Sophia because he basically raised her while their mom was at work, and then they bonded when they both thought their sister, Aspen was dead.

Eli was trained by Lupa at the age of eight, and then placed into cohort one. Much to his surprise. Over the years Eli had many opportunities to climb the ranks, he became Opito at the age of twelve, but after a few months he formally quit the position and went back to being a normal Legionnaire. He wasn’t a big fan of having authority over others. It was one thing to tell his sisters what to do, it was entirely different to lead people, and Eli didn’t like it.

Eli retired from the Legion a few days after his nineteenth birthday. He’s now attending NRU as undecided major, cause he has zero clue what to do with himself anymore.

Eli tends to be a bit more carefree then what most people are expecting.

As for powers and abilities, he is identical to Sophia. (So go look at her form, cause I’m tired and don’t feel like writing anymore.)

Liam Davenport, Sophia Virgo, Luke Avery,
Noah Parker, Silas Julius, Ensley Kate Daniels, August Nolan, Jackson “Jacks” Radcliffe
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Virgo NPCs
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