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 New Pompeii

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PostSubject: New Pompeii   Sat Jan 13, 2018 3:33 pm

Christian's arm was elbow deep into disgusting gutter water, left in a trench over by the aqueduct. His sleeve was rolled up, but he was beginning to lose hope that he was going to get out of this without getting his shirt dirty, even if it was only at the edge of the sleeves. Then, finally, Christian felt something in the grimy water.

"How's that feel?" Lennie asked, sitting behind him. "You know, I could help you if you asked." She left a playful tease for him, until she noticed him get something, and she watched with excitement as he yanked out the slimy image of a teddy bear. Lennie's expression changed from excitement to repulsed. "Is it really worth the effort to clean that up?"

"It is." He replied simply. "Stacey can't sleep without it, and I don't know how to say no." Christian elaborated. "Corinne took her under her wing, but sometimes I wonder if they're guiding each other. Y'know, Lauren used to have one like this, minus the slime anyway. No idea if it made it with her to New Rome. But uh, probably best not to spread that sort of gossip. Especially right now."

"Your secret is safe with me." Lennie promised. She placed a hand on Christian's clean shoulder. "You know, you'd make a hell of a brother, or a dad." She told him, which to Christian roughly translated to 'I'm sorry you got rejected, but there'll be better people.'

"I think my chances of death are a lot higher than finding a nice Roman girl in this day and age." Christian told her, but he shrugged off the sentiments. There was a time and a place, and Christian was hoping he wouldn't to have an affair with the element of Venus for a long time to come.

"Please, acting like 'nice' is your type." Lennie called him out. "Then again, you do spend an awful lot of time with Corinne." She teased. "So, when are you headed to North Dakota?" She asked.

"It was supposed to be next month, but, I made some moves and got clearance to leave tomorrow." Christian told her. He'd begun to wipe the smear off from his arm with his free hand, which waranted a smirk from his Optio. "I originally had Lauren slotted to go with me." Christian told her. "Given recent events, I was wondering if you'd like to take Lauren's spot. I need Corinne to stay and keep an eye on things."

Lennie gave him a look, before it turned into a smile. "I swear, you've nonsense-ed your way all the way through your service." She laughed. "You know I'm in."


"Don't worry, she's gonna do great." Christian replied. He knew Lennie was worried about Corinne and leaving her alone, but Christian wasn't worried. She'd done this before.

"I'd never doubt Corinne." Lennie replied. "I'm just worried that Lauren will give her trouble."

"She's been out to the bars with Laurel twice since things went down. She'll probably just do what she does, and it'll stay quiet."

"Then what?"

"Then we do what you've told us all along. She's either a legionnaire who goes out all the time and breaks rules or she's an optio. Can't be both anymore." Lennie gave him a nod, and the pair continued to make their way outside of Caldecott, where Cliff and Melanie would be waiting for them. Christian was excited to be using the hatchback again.
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PostSubject: Re: New Pompeii   Sat Jan 13, 2018 6:15 pm

Cliff was laying awake in his bunk at the thought of this being the first quest he would ever go on. Part of him was nervous about it because he hadn't really been out in the real world since he had came to this camp and last time he was on his own. He had lived in a dark and cold apartment by himself stealing internet from his neighbour. It had been a lonely time and he had to do everything that he could to survive and to think about being plunged back into the world it was a somewhat scary thought and it almost raised tension within his body.

It wasn't long though before his girlfriend came in and she was dressed neatly in black pants and a sweater on top of a white buttoned down. There wasn't even a wrinkle in her clothes as she had made sure everything on her was perfect from the zero wrinkles to no fly away hairs from her ponytail. In her hands she held two bags that were packed, one was hers and one was Cliff's. It was the little things that she did that reminded him why he had loved her in the first place.

"Cliff this isn't the time to lay in bed, get your lazy ass up."
Melanie said with a hint of a teasing tone as she bent down and placed a kiss on his lips before ripping the covers off and folding the blankets up  and storing them across the room so Cliff couldn't cling to them to stay in bed. "I pulled out your clothes for you, go get dressed and lets get going, we don't have time to waste today."

The legacy groaned as his girlfriend forced him to get out of bed, and even though she was a little pushy he knew she was just excited and really wanted to do well with this quest. He understood that her excitement came out in another way and it was something unique to her. Cliff got out of bed and began to grab his clothes as he went to get dressed and gently ran his fingers through his hair deciding that it was brushed enough for the day.

The two had gone to the tunnel to meet up with Christian and Lennie their centurion and optio. The hatchback had been there already and Melanie was devising a plan to store everything into the hatchback, not that they had a lot, but decided it would work.

Upon the arrival of Christian and Lennie, Melanie smiled, "I can take any bags you have and put them in the car." She said offering her hands out to grab anything they may need in there.

"Whose going to start the driving?" Cliff asked.

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New Pompeii
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