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 we'll set the world on fire

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PostSubject: we'll set the world on fire   Mon Jan 22, 2018 9:39 am

As soon as the sun started to set on the horizon of Camp Jupiter, Eden Langford made her daily trek up to Temple Hill. She had done it every day since she arrived at camp, it was a habit at this point. It had become a normal part of her day, just like eating or brushing her teeth. To be fair, her life did depend on it, so it wasn't like she had any other option.

She slowly walked up the road to temple hill, the gravel crunching under her shoes. She held an armful of firewood, wrapped in a cloth to prevent splinters. While her powers could strengthen the fire, it was only while she was manipulating it, so she had to tend to the fire the old-fashioned way. There was something about the pyre in her mother's temple that extended the life of a fire. While normal pyres would be embers in a matter of hours, her mother's pyre kept flames alive for about two days, which she had figured out the hard way. To prevent any close calls she just went up every day.

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PostSubject: Re: we'll set the world on fire   Tue Jan 23, 2018 9:57 pm

There was something strange that had been going on with one girl in particular in cohort five. Cliff had been noticing it more and more as he began to take the slightest bit of interest. He'd watch the brunette girl known as Eden Langford leave around the same time every single night and after watching her a few times, he felt a few smacks from his girlfriend Melanie for looking at another girl, but he had to explain to her that it was weird. From there he had gotten Melanie in on the possibilities on what this girl could be doing, but she stated clearly any scheme he had she wasn't going to be apart of because she wasn't messing in someone else's business this time around. Seeing as the last time they had Melanie too the brunt of it and not Cliff.

So the boy with the messy brown hair had planned it. He knew she'd be coming up to temple hill and he was already waiting for her outside of Vesta's temple. He was flicking the metal lid of his lighter open and closed as he waited for her, and when she was in better distance he looked up and glanced at her. "So, the girl of fire is returning for her daily visit. No one is this devoted to their god parent." Cliff said prodding to see if she was an easy crack or not, but his guess was already a no with that one. "I mean, I know you probably wont tell me either way, but you've caught my eye for the time being. It's Eden right?"
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we'll set the world on fire
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