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 Trials and Tribulations

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PostSubject: Trials and Tribulations   Wed Apr 25, 2018 2:23 pm

They brought Rowan and Jacks into a room below the stands. It was small, the walls were made of smooth river rock stacked to the ceiling. The only light came from the tunnel that led into the center of the ring. The warriors sat them on a long wooden bench, before throwing their weapons back to them. For a moment Rowan considered using them against their captors, but she wouldn't know what to do next. She opted for sitting moodily while she listened to the footsteps overhead, the sound of people beginning to fill the stands above.

She could hear the sounds of other gates being opened, the scraping of metal on metal. The crowd seemed to get louder, cheering and screaming. They would sometimes host gladiatorial games back in New Rome. She had never taken part, but she imagined this is what the fighters felt. At least they had chosen to take part. They had only been given two shitty options. It wasn't much of a choice to make.

The next ten minutes were spent in silence. Rowan closed her eyes and listened to whatever was happening in the arena. All she could hear was screeching and roars. When it came to an end she couldn't tell who had won.

She felt a hand on her arm, yanking her up and forcing her down the tunnel. They reached a steel gate, and she could see out into the arena. There was blood, but she couldn't tell who it belonged to. There were claw marks on the ground, digging up the hard-packed soil. That couldn't have been a fun fight.

Now she just needed to focus on her own victory. The gates slowly lifted up, and she stepped out. She could see the people now. Circular rows rising up, hundreds of people staring down at her. This must be their only source of entertainment. No cable, so all they've got to look forward to is sending people to their possible deaths. Lots of fun.

She could feel the first drops of rain fall on her shoulders followed by the low rumbles of thunder in the distance. Yet the stands were covered by wooden overhangs. It'd just be them who would get wet.

There was no announcement, no ceremony, just the slow scraping of another gate being opened. Their opponents stalked out, three large grey wolves, the size of a grizzly bear. There was something off about them, something not right. Maybe it was the third yellow eye on the center of their forehead. Or maybe the fact that their claws looked to be made of silver. They looked at Rowan and Jacks like they were nothing more than prey. She had to wonder how long they had starved them, how bloodthirsty they were going to be.

Rowan wasted no time, she knocked an arrow and aimed it right at the center of the first wolve's head, and let go. It had started.

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PostSubject: Re: Trials and Tribulations   Wed Apr 25, 2018 8:50 pm

Jacks looked around the room he and Rowan had been put in. It was dark and the stone walls had mold growing on them. The legacy didn’t know much about mold, but he was pretty sure that there was some type of mold that if inhaled too much, could kill someone. He wasn’t sure why he was thinking about mold st a time like this. He didn’t ponder on the mold for too long though, he could feel the vibrations of the people in the stands above them. The stomping and cheering shook the room, and made dust fall from the ceiling.

They weren’t kept in the room for longer then ten minutes, Jacks spent that time gripping his sword tightly and thinking about what he and Rowan were about to fight. Judging by the sounds that could be heard coming from the arena, Jacks was assuming whatever they were up against, wasn’t going to be fun. Unless they won. They it might be fun.

Ten minutes later, Jacks found himself in front of an open gate. The gateway led into an arena, that reminded him of the gladiator fights back home. If it was anything like at home, Jacks was sure the fight would be easy. He had been a regular back at home. Though he kind of figured by the three, three eyed wolves stalking around them, that it wasn’t going to be too much like what he was used to.

Jacks waited to attack, he waited till he saw Rowan’s arrow pass him and head straight for the wolf in the center. He brought his sword up as he charged towards the wolves.

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Trials and Tribulations
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