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PostSubject: Reunited   Sun Apr 29, 2018 5:58 pm

It had been a long day for the fourth cohort centurion. Well a long few days. It had started out with a simple day of war games that turned into the praetor Katrina and her brother being kidnapped. Cassia had done everything that she could to try and follow the trail so she could get her brother and Katrina back. The daughter of Vulcan didn't have a lot of experience in the field, she hadn't had the chance to go on a lot of different quests and so this was very different from the books she had read the games she had always played,nothing they did inside those walls could prepare them enough for what was out here in the world, but it was just the kind of world they lived in at this point and there was no changing it.

Cassia and Lennie had been shown around Toft Kift by a girl that seemed to be around Lennie's age, but blonde and covered in clothing that was similar to what all the others had here in Toft Kift. Her name had been Runa apparently and she looked somewhat similar to the girl who had found them after they had snuck onto Toft Kift. After being shown around and eventually to where they could stay, Cassia's first thought was to get some rest.

It would have been a good idea, but it had been midday and after what seemed like fifteen minutes, she couldn't fall asleep, so she got up and began to walk around, she had made note of the water down near the bottom, and she figured she was going to try and clean up a little down there. The brunette made her descent down some stairs when she spotted him. It was Roy. At least she thought it was him and she was hoping it was. Cassia didn't want to be hallucinating now, but she stayed motionless and just stared trying to determine if he were real or not.
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