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 Site News: Issue #1

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PostSubject: Site News: Issue #1   Fri Jul 21, 2017 4:07 pm

Site News: Issue 1

1. Since we have gotten more lovely members added to the site we have decided to hire a moderator! We offered this position to one of our founding members first, so congratulations Metaloneus!
2. Our twenty-fifth member will receive 1,500 coins! If a current member has directed them here they will also get 1,500 coins!
3. Currently we have some fun things planned! Like a week of chat box quizzes! Details will be coming up shortly!
4. Staff is currently working on a lot of things right now and making sure we get everything we need up! If there is anything you would like to see of this site and of us please send either Sienna or I a pm and from there we will discuss it!
5. Site News will always be posted up on Fridays! Later as we get going staff is going to have their own staff meetings and take notes. Those notes will be shared and published for all the members to see!
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Site News: Issue #1
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