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 amara julius

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PostSubject: amara julius   Fri Jul 21, 2017 10:10 pm

Amara Julius

Name: Amarantha "Amara" Justita Julius. All of her names are traditional roman names. Amarantha means unfading, while Justita is a homage to the goddess Justitia. Julius is a surname that goes back to her grandfather, Patrick Julius, who changed his surname to Julius from Bartlett to reflect his adoption into New Rome society.
Age:19. Born July 13th, 1998.
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual

Legacy Of: 3rd generation Fides (Loyalty) and Honos (Honor). 2nd Generation Justitia (Justice)
Mother: Sana Julius (nee Kohli) daughter of Justita. Sana met Cyrus at camp, where they were both in Cohort 2. Sana's father immigrated from Mumbai three years before Sana was born. Sana is currently a cardiologist at Julius Caeser Memorial Hospital.
Father: Cyrus Julius 2nd generation Legacy of Fides and Honos. Cyrus grew up in New Rome, with his mother and father. His father was a notable Judge in the New Rome court system, although he is retired now. Cyrus himself is a celebrated architect within New Rome.
Other Family:Twin brother, Felix Julius. He's basically her other half. They tell each other everything, no matter what. Out of everyone in the world, this is person she trusts the most. She also has four cousins, two aunts, an uncle, and three grandparents. Their whole family is somewhat close, although there are some members looked down upon due to their less than traditional aspects. They all have the highest regard for the traditional values of New Rome. In each of their homes is a shrine to the god Honos, who they see as their household god.

Birthplace: New Rome, California.
Race: half indian

Skin Color: Tan
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 123lbs
Body type: Lean

Personality: Amara is at a point in her life where she's having struggles with what it means to be an adult, and the blurring between right and wrong. While she used to live in a very black and white world, everything is starting to get very grey. There are a few things that she can rely on during this time, rules and her brother. While things may be very confusing for her, the rules set up by society and the authority in her life give her the guidance she needs to be able to make the right decision. She's known to overthink, whether it be her own actions or the actions of those around her. While she's very loyal to her family and the system, there are times when she has doubts, although she very rarely voices these to anyone but her brother. Her brother is one of her confidants, and she knows that she can always trust him. Amara is known for being detailed oriented. This makes her a very hard worker, yet it also causes her to get hung up on one small thing that can go wrong. She is a good person, and believes in doing things for the greater good. Yet there are moments when she wishes she could be more selfish, since doing things for others can also make her unhappy. She's very introspective, and has a good understanding of her own emotions. At the same time, she's also very observant when it comes to others, perhaps from her experience knowing her brother inside and out.
Talents: Hard worker, studious, fast learner, weirdly good at climbing.
Flaws(at least 3): See above.

Weapons (Imperial Gold): IG Gladius
Abilities: None

History (At Least Three Sentences): Amara's life has often included her brother. Their strings of fate are so intertwined they might as well be one. From day one they had always been at each others side. Family has always been a big part of her life. They grew up pretty well off. They weren't seen as rich, but there was never any issue putting food on the table. They had a nice villa with a large backyard, one they would spend summer evenings in waiting for the sun to set so they could catch fireflies. It was a nice life without any pressure put upon her. She had always done well in school without even trying. Things always came easy for her.
Amara's family life usually included extended family too. They had big family dinners often. Arguments came and went, but overall they were happy with each other. Her grandfather would sit at the head of the table, starting each meal with a story about Honos, or his time in the legion. He would talk about the importance of family, of Rome, and of the gods themselves. Like every meal, they offer some food to the gods.
When Amara was twelve she entered the legion. Her parents wanted her to be ready when she joined, so they made sure not to send her right away. She and her brother entered together. She made the first cohort, and she was proud of it. Her legion life was spent working hard and advancing the ranks. She recently made Opito.
Faceclaim (if applicable):Naomi Scott

[url=http://www.legendsfate.com/t38-amara-julius]Amara Julius[/url] - Female - 19 - Opito - Legacy Of Justitia, Honos, and Fides- Cohort Number One - Sarenrae

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PostSubject: Re: amara julius   Sat Jul 22, 2017 7:29 pm

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amara julius
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