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 hold your head up, see the daylight

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PostSubject: hold your head up, see the daylight   Sat Jul 22, 2017 8:09 pm

Niamh Ainsley

Name: niamh ainsley
Age: 17
Gender: female, she/her
Sexuality: lesbian

Legacy Of: proserpina, goddess of spring, and vejovis, god of healing
Mother: kiesha jackson, legacy of proserpina
Father: albert ainsley, son of vejovis
Other Family: grandmother - elois jackson, daughter of proserpina

Birthplace: new rome
Race: half african american, half danish

Skin Color: brown
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: brown
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 125lbs
Body type: she's thin with subtle muscles

Personality: niamh is generally very sweet and friendly, always thinking of her friends and those dear to her. she's very conscious of how she treats others due to a past of being very judgmental and exclusive of those who were different or weird. despite her friendly nature, niamh can also be fairly quick to anger, as well as very emotionally expressive. more often than not, however, her anger comes from sources such as someone being rude to her or someone else. while she doesn't like people who screw around too much and badmouth authority, she can sometimes be a bit of a rulebreaker herself
Talents: niamh is very good at first aid and medical pursuits, even outside of her healing powers. in addition, she knows a lot about various plants, particularly for medicinal purposes. she has a very strong sense of who she is and doesn't try to impress anyone, except to prove someone wrong when they belittle her.
Flaws: niamh can be very quick to anger, and often reacts very strongly to things. additionally, she can often be insecure when her it comes to her peers belittling her because she's girly and likes makeup, causing her to sometimes take on more than she can handle just to prove herself. she can also be loyal to a fault, doing anything to help her friends.

Weapons: niamh uses an imperial gold dagger mainly, but she also knows how to fight with a sword as well as excelling in hand to hand combat. however, she doesn't fight often as she's more of a medic than a fighter
Abilities: as a result of her godly relation, niamh has a natural talent for medicine. additionally, tending to plants comes as a second nature to her
Powers: niamh possesses the ability to heal sick plants. she has ten "slots" to do this, each "slot" requiring a half hour cool down period. total, she can use each "slot" three times a day, giving her thirty uses. she can use all ten in a row, but it'll give her a headache if she does. if she does this three times with the thirty minute cool down between each ten uses, she gets dizzy and can pass out from the energy use. additionally, niamh has a "scan" ability that allows her to scan a patient's body for injuries and infections, although it isn't very specific. for example, she can detect that a patient has been poisoned, but from the scan alone she cannot tell what the poison is and must clue it together from their symptoms. similar to the plant healing, she has five "slots" for this which can be uses in the same way, with the same energy draining affects

History: niamh's parents met at baccus' garden, where kiesha was tending to some plants and albert was going to pick some herbs for a medicinal experiment. they hit it off, flirting and eventually getting married, which led to everyone's favorite plant-witch-doctor, niamh! her parents constantly bickered in that sweet, married couple type way that was more banter than actual arguments. despite the fairly down to earth nature of her upbringing, niamh was a fairly snobby child by the time she joined the legion. she didn't necessarily think she was better than anyone, but she judged her fellow legionnaires somewhat harshly and tried to impress those she viewed as important or superior to her. she was like this up until the war with the titans, which took place shortly after she joined the legion. after realizing how few useful skills she had on the battlefield, niamh doubled down on her training and dedicated herself to learning how to be a battlefield medic in order to be more useful to the legion

Faceclaim: amandla stenberg
Notes: header gif by supagirl on tumblr, code and sidebar images by me
[url=http://www.legendsfate.com/t44-hold-your-head-up-see-the-daylight]naimh ainsley[/url] - female - 18 - legionnaire - Child/Legacy Of bellona and vejovis - 3rd cohort - sakura haruno

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PostSubject: Re: hold your head up, see the daylight   Sat Jul 22, 2017 8:28 pm


rowan davenport + alyssa novic + laurel zimmerman + delaney mcnamara + eden langfordĀ 
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hold your head up, see the daylight
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