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 The Plot

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PostSubject: The Plot   Sun Jul 23, 2017 12:37 pm

The Plot

The greek and roman gods are real, and their children walk amongst mortals, constantly hunted by the monsters who hate their parents. Their only salvation? Two camps, one greek and the other roman. They train these children to fight back. The only question: will they survive?

The year is 2017, and it has been five years since the last Hero of Olympus left camp. Things have been quiet since then as things slowly started to return to normal. There was no longer any titans or primordial deities to worry about.

In Camp Half Blood, things are finally starting to look like a summer camp once again. Although graduating campers next destination might be New Rome, the life of camp hasn’t changed. Campers are constantly looking for their next source of fun, while learning how to survive outside the magical borders. However, there’s no telling how long this calm will last.

In Camp Jupiter and New Rome, everything has returned to business as usual. It’s been long enough for new blood to cycle in. The memories of past leadership is now just another photograph on the wall of the Senate House. However things are brewing underneath this ancient city. Something is happening, although the culprit might not be immortal.

Now here’s the question: who will you be? A hero or villain? Greek or roman? The answer is written along the strings of fate. Whoever you will be, you will end up a legend.

rowan davenport + alyssa novic + laurel zimmerman + delaney mcnamara + eden langford 
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The Plot
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