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 let the human in

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PostSubject: let the human in   Sun Jul 23, 2017 3:54 pm

The Julius family is one of the older families in New Rome. While they probably aren't known for riches, some members of the family do hold a lot of power, especially the family patriarch and founder, Patrick Julius. These are want ads for the most recent generation of Juliuses. The Julius family goes back three generations. All Juliuses (and Taylors) mentioned here are 3rd generation legacies of Honos (God of Honor) and Fides (Goddess of Loyalty). The Julius siblings that are the children of Magnus Julius (henceforth referred to as the Letus Juliuses) are also 2nd generation legacies of Letus (God of Death). The Taylor siblings are 2nd generation legacies of Prosperina (Goddess of Spring).

If you would like to see the full family tree click here.

Also if you would like to have a Julius cousin, but all the ones listed here are taken or you'd prefer someone else, pm me and I might be willing to add 1-2 more cousins.

If you would like to take one of these characters:

Things that are up to you are: cohort (although I will suggest cohorts for them), personality (although a personality will also be suggested) , sexuality, relationship with siblings/extended family, and parts of life before camp (all of them have certain histories that i will explain in their section, these aspects can be negotiated, although there are some points I won't budge on), powers (although i encourage you to discuss powers with whoever has their sibling), rank, etc.

Things you can change as long as you have permission: You can change the name AS LONG AS you have a replacement name ready that is of Latin origin. If you need a list, you can look here for female and here for male. Another thing that can be changed is FC, although i am extremely hesitant to do so. This is because I spent time finding faceclaims that fit the familial resemblance, as well as fitting the right age. However if you wish to discuss changing the fc, pm me first before applying for one.

Things that cannot be changed: Age (they're that age for a reason. I would be willing to discuss changes for some of the characters, although you would have to pm me beforehand), god parent/legacy (this is non-negotiable), and gender.

There are already two Julius characters made and two more that will be made, these are:

Amara Julius - sarenrae. One of the Justitia Julius twins. 19. Opito of 1st cohort. Link to form here.
Felix Julius- Metaloneus. The other Justitia Julius twins. 19. 1st cohort. Not yet made.
Silas Julius- Frankie. Youngest Letus Julius. 17. 3rd cohort. Link to form here.
Marina Taylor- sarenrae. Older Taylor. 27. Formerly 2nd cohort. Not yet made.


julius family

20 yo
Kaya scodelario

Natalia Julius

Natalia is the oldest Julius child, and for some reason, the most hated of her extended family. Perhaps its because her mother Rebecca is a child of Letus, and Natalia got all the brunt for being the first Julius with a less-than-liked god as a legacy. Regardless, she certainly didn't get any reccomendation letter from her grandfather. Because of this she's in [3rd/4th] cohort. Even if her extended family isn't as welcoming to her, she's still invited to the bimonthly dinners at her grandfathers house. Whether she chooses to go is up to her. She's in her final year of service to the legion, although she's on the verge of calling it quits early and heading to New Rome University, where she wants to study [Major].

While the elders of the family might look down on Natalia, her cousins aren't that bad. They seem to look past the stupid god issues thats so prevalent amongst those who want a more traditional New Rome. Out of all of her cousins, she's probably closest to Lenora, even if they're pretty different. Natalia is quite used to being seen as the black sheep, although in her cohort she's actually well liked. Maybe its because they see past who she's decended from.

Natalia's mother, Rebecca, is a History Professor at New Rome University, specializing in Ancient Egyptian mythology. It's pretty ironic. Her father, Magnus, is also a teacher, although he's a High School science teacher for the highschool in New Rome. She had him when she was in high school, it was pretty weird. Natalia has two younger brothers. Linus, whos 18, and Silas, whos 17. They all get along pretty well,
considering they used to fight all the time when they were younger.

18 Yo
Nick Robinson

Linus Julius

By the time Linus was born, he was lucky enough to escape the grief that his family gave his sister. In fact, they actually tolerated him. His grandfather even considered giving him a reccomendation letter before saying no. He still got enough reccomendation letters to put him in cohort [3/4]. However he still gets dirty looks from his Grandpa whenever he goes to the family dinners. Its not his fault, Grandpa Julius was the one who invited him. He's just there for the free food. Plus his cousins aren't too bad. Aunt Clarissa is pretty funny too when she has one too many drinks. Out of all of his cousins, he's pretty chill with Amara and Felix, even if Amara's a bit uptight.

Linus still has a bit to go before he can leave CJ, but his sisters almost out. He has to admit, he's a bit jealous of her. He wishes he didn't have to hang around Camp any longer. In fact, the moment he gets out, he's leaving New Rome all together. Even if he's got a bunch of friends here. There's something about this town that makes it suffocating. If he had to choose a place to go, it'd either be Berlin, Sydney, or London. Somewhere very far away.

Linus' mom is a history professor at New Rome University. His dad is a highschool science teacher at New Rome High School. He's got an older sister, Natalia, and a younger brother, Silas.

19 yo
Gabriella Wilde

Lenora Taylor

Lenora's the younger Julius-Taylor sister. There's a big age gap between her and Marina. In fact, she's 80% sure she was a mistake. Its kinda funny though, because Marina was definetally a mistake. Her parents were only 20 when her mom fell pregnant with Marina. They got married pretty quick. It wasn't long after Lenora was born that her dad and mom divorced. It kinda fucked her family up. Now her dads off living with a woman 12 years younger than him and they already have two kids. Which means Lenora has two half siblings. Lily and Aster. They're pretty cute, she has to admit. Although she's not gonna say that in front of her mom. As for the rest of the family, they're somewhat normal. At least they try to be. The truth is that her whole family acts all high and mighty about how they're real Romans, but they have enough skeletons in their closet to disprove that. She's friends with her cousin, Natalia. They're probably the closest in age apart from the twins.

Unlike Natalia, Linus, and Silas, she was lucky enough to get a "good" god for a legacy. Prosperina. Her grandpa must look past the whole "Queen of the Underworld" thing because he gave her a glowing reccomendation that landed her in Cohort [1/2]. Maybe he just felt bad for her. Grandpa's always had a soft spot for her mom. Even when her mom got married young and divorced 7 years later, he seemed to hold no grudges, no 'I told you so'.

Lenora actually likes camp though. She likes the aspect of teamwork. There's a part of her that can see herself making Praetor. At the same time though, she really likes the idea of becoming one of the camp medics, even if its a bit late in the game.

Lenora's mom, Clarissa, is a Social worker. Her dad, Dean, is an accountant. Her step-mom, Courtney, is an elementary school teacher. Her sister, Marina, is a paralegal that works under the district attourney.

wanna request a character? fill out this form and submit it!
characters are only taken after I've approved the form so if someone has applied for the character you want, you can go ahead and apply to! if two people apply for a character, i'll have them each write a little rp sample. whichever characterization i feel fits best will be the person who gets it. if you wanna send the application over pm im cool with it.  

[b]Character you're applying for:[/b]
[b]Changes you want to make (only mention changes from whats in their little snippets or other information given this includes choosing a cohort):[/b]

rowan davenport + alyssa novic + laurel zimmerman + delaney mcnamara + eden langford 
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let the human in
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