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 Cepheus' Sister

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PostSubject: Cepheus' Sister    Sun Jul 23, 2017 4:34 pm

Okay, so, since there's a wanted ad section, I decided that I would make one for Cepheus.

Name: I'll leave this up to you (though I do like the name Angelica for her).
Age: 24-27
God Parent: Also completely up to you (Though an agricultural goddess/god is preferred)
Ethncity: Afro-Any Middle Eastern/North African country (i.e. Lybia, Pakastian, Morroco, etc).
Sexuality: Completely up to you!
Personality: This section is also up to you!
fc//: Medalion Rahimi

Ju-Won - Janus // Cepheus - Ceres // Lorne - Nike // Hannah - Iris //
Twangakwunu - Arcus (Circe) // Quintin - Invidia
// VĂ©ronique - Venus
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Cepheus' Sister
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