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 Heath Fairchild

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PostSubject: Heath Fairchild   Mon Jul 24, 2017 5:37 pm

Name: Heath Weston Fairchild
Age: Twenty-one years of age.
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

God Parent: Bellona
Mortal Parent: William Fairchild, he is the older brother to Scott Fairchild and he is the family favourite to their mother Elizabeth. William is a bit more strict than Scott and holds the family ideals a bit tighter. He's a bit peeved that his brother Scott left for America and hasn't returned since. William has been a bit of a brute and has taken many lives in the drug trade, and often forced his son into the trade as well.
Other Family: Elizabeth Fairchild - Grandmother, Reese Fairchild - Grandfather, Scott Fairchild - Uncle, Aurelia Fairchild - Cousin.

Birthplace:London, England.

Skin Color: Fair
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Grey
Height: Six foot three.
Weight: Two hundred and ten pounds.
Body type: Endomorph

Personality: Heath is straight up a jack ass. He doesn't really care about others around him. He isn't one to try and reach out and make you better when you cry. He believes in strength and if you're not strong enough to tackle life as is, then you weren't meant to survive. He's rather cold and aloof at times, seeming reserved from here and there. However when you do speak to him, he's got a silver tongue. He knows how to talk circles around people and he knows how to intrigue them.

The son of Bellona is quite boastful and confident in his ability to do anything. He likes to appear to be things he isn't He often can come across to people of being charming and one who likes to work in a team, but really anything he does is for his own benefit and his families' benefit. Once deciding to be dedicated to something he doesn't let up. Heath is rather stubborn and will not give up easily. You'd probably have to kill him before he stopped.
Talents: Silver tongue, fluent in at least five different languages, and good at tracking.
Flaws: Cocky, loner, and stubborn.

Weapons: Heath has multiple imperial gold pugios. He also has one imperial gold gladius.
Abilities: N/A
Powers: Weapon curses: He is able to curse weapons. He can only do it once per weapon.
Disarmament: With a gesture of his hand he can disarm his opponent. He can only do this when his opponent is holding the item. It takes a bit of energy out of him and slowly weaken him. Can use it a max of ten times in one thread.  

History: Elizabeth and Reese Fairchild were a wealthy sort. They had built up their family business in England which also gave them the ground to also start in the drug trade. With the money they raised their empire to be bigger and better. It got to the point that they started to do international business which they had their sons help out with. Scott was to branch off in America and build a sub business just as William was to go over to the Ukraine and do trades with Ukraine and Russia.

It was over in the Ukraine that William had met a girl. She was a bit of a trouble maker from what he could see and also a bit traditional. This caught William's attention very much, and he wanted to see if he could coax her out of those traditional views and show her a really good time. He didn't want anything serious out of her, and even his own mother said not to get involved with her, but that gave him more reason to not listen.

After several months of trying to pursue the woman he eventually got her in bed. From there you can gather what happened. He left her the morning after and didn't see her again after that night. However the product of his ways came back to bite him, as he ended up with a child at his door step. There was a note left behind explaining that the kid was indeed William's and one day they were going to grow up and be called upon to go to America. William was furious about the whole thing.

At last he decided to keep the child, but sent him to live with his mother. It was better for them to remain safe until they were old enough to be on the field with him. His grandmother named them from there, which led for there to be Heath Fairchild. From there Heath had a somewhat strict childhood.

As soon as he could learn to talk, his grandmother began to educate him. She had a private tutor come in to teach him things like table manners, politeness, and much more. It was when he got older than he started to get introduced into the family business. Fighting styles and what have you. He was taught politics, he was taught stealth, he was taught concealment. Most importantly he was taught to fight. He learned hand to hand combat as well as fighting with crow bars, brass knuckles, batons, knives, and guns. It was when he was the age of fourteen that he was ready to help his grandmother in the drug trade.

He ended up doing the different trades in London and the surrounding areas. Eventually during one of them he got recruited by Lupa. After training alongside Lupa he arrived at camp Jupiter. Immediately when he could he wrote to his grandmother. That was then they decided it would be a good chance to have the drugs sold over at Camp. Heath has a warehouse outside of camp that stores most of the drugs that he needs to sell. He has a few campers that he sells to regularly and others once in a blue moon. He can usually be seen at parties, in the medical wing, he knows how to pry on people to get them the stuff they need.

Faceclaim (if applicable): Andre Hamann
Notes: Heath knows how to play guitar, he smokes, and have multiple tattoos. He got all of these once out of the care of his grandmother. While in the legion he was in the third cohort.
[url=http://www.legendsfate.com/t60-heath-fairchild#162]Heath Fairchild[/url] - Male - 21 - NRU Student - Son of Bellona - Cohort 3 - Sorella
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PostSubject: Re: Heath Fairchild   Tue Jul 25, 2017 6:08 pm

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Heath Fairchild
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