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 Roy Prescott

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PostSubject: Roy Prescott   Mon Jul 24, 2017 10:47 pm

Name: Roy Elliot Prescott
Age: Fourteen, January 16th
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

God Parent: Vulcan, god of fire and the forge.
Legacy Of: Chione, goddess of cold winds and snow.
Mortal Parent: Cora Prescott
Other Family: Caelia and Marina Prescott, his older sisters. Uncle Jeb.

Birthplace: New Rome
Race: Caucasian

Skin Color: White
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'5
Weight: 120 Pounds
Body Type: Mesmomorph

Roy is a very hopeful child. While he isn't exactly the most extroverted, he's been taught great people skills from his mom, as was necessary for living in an important family. He'll go and greet the senators and important folks at the get-together, but only after his mom or sisters nudge him to go and do so. He knows what to say, but doesn't necessarily feel it. When it comes to senators and important folks he knows on a first name basis, he's more prone to be happy to talk to them. However, when it comes to strangers, Roy simply doesn't have a drive to make himself known to them. He'd rather be surrounded by people he knows and likes.

With that being said, this doesn't remove Roy from the values passed down to him. The Prescotts openly believe in traditional Roman values in terms of godly policy and practices. Because of this, Roy takes on a more conservative policy in life. He's likely to keep his word, even if it isn't a promise. Besides his introverted policy, he's often to take duties more seriously as well. Roy is usually a very adult-like child, and other times a child-like adult. Roy likes chocolate, like most kids, then ironically, likes to have black coffee in the morning. Although Roy will never admit it, he dislikes his sister being in charge. It's an awkward position for him to be in.

Nevertheless, Roy keeps a strong spear, is humble, and always willing to help others. He's also not afraid to crack a joke, if he's in good company.
- Rubix: Whether or not it has a connection with Vulcan is hard to say; Roy can solve any rubix cube in 40 seconds.
- Multi-tasking: Roy is good at doing multiple things at once, and often times finds himself either doing several things or nothing.
- Introverted: Roy doesn't have a big drive to make new bonds, often times, waiting for his mother or sisters to tell him who's important to makes ties with. Otherwise, he usually keeps to his own Cohort in particular.
- Over-Confidence/Zealous: Believing in traditional Roman values means that generally, Centurions lead with fierce aggression. While Roy believes in this, he's quick to make a call that he can handle internal conflict in Cohort Four, instead of alerting his sister to it.
- Stubborn: Roy typically doesn't run to conclusions or indecisive choices. But if Roy truly believes something, it can be very hard to rip his mindset away from it. Even if he says you're right and he's wrong, take it with a grain of salt. He's could be lying.

- Imperial Gold Spear
- Imperial Gold Pilums
- Imperial Gold Gladus
- Temperature Resistance: Roy is a child of Vulcan, and a legacy of Chione. Due to his blood involved in both extremely hot and extremely cold temperatures, Roy can withstand both.
- Artistic Eloquence: When crafting something on the forge, or otherwise manufactured, Roy has a natural eloquence and ease. Whether it's actually shaping the product or designing it, it comes easily.
- Tinkerer: If Roy places his hand on an engine, he can troubleshoot it with just his senses. He can do this with any type of engine, but must fix the issue manually.
- Ice: With his fingertips, Roy can summon ice. Whether into small claws, or small ice cubes. Other than claws and tiny daggers, or small spikes that shoot out, this power isn't great for combat. He typically uses this to make instant ice for his drinks, or to make small ice sculptures.
- Winds: Roy can summon winds, and although they're from Chione, they're so mildly cold, they're only useful on a hot summer day. These winds can travel at 20 miles per hour, which can give Roy a good boost when running. Otherwise, along, the winds are relatively useless. Usually, Roy chooses to use this with other powers to make them work in better ways.
- Fire: Roy can use his palms to summon flames. He can launch them with his hands, like fireballs, or keep it in his palm as a fire starter or light source. The fire from his palms usually is about 1,300 degrees.
- Smelt: Using the back of his hands, Roy can generate temperatures high enough to melt steel and precious metals. He cannot generate the material needed to work with these metals, but can generate the heat. When he does this, he does not generate fire. Likewise, his hands do turn a burning red color and smoke until he's done. This is the telltale sign to not allow him to touch you. This heat can get up to 3,000 degrees, if he is able to focus for three minutes straight. Any force that hits him will effectively cancel a charge, and begin air-cooling his hands.
(If Roy uses his powers too much, he can suffer fatigue, and even pass out. He's known to have overexerted himself commonly, just on the basis that he likes his powers.)

Family is family, a core value in Roy's heart. From that value, dozens have risen as attached. This is a product of being a Prescott, and while sometimes it can be seen that Roy is slightly different than the others, he values the Prescott name and values just as much as Cora. Roy was born in New Rome, the third child to a household of only females. Roy was the first boy of the household. Sometimes he wonders if he was just made to carry on the family name, but he doesn't for a second think that he wouldn't. He loves his family and what they stand for, as he was taught to as a child.

Roy's childhood was relatively normal, for someone who lived in New Rome. By early schooling, he'd already discovered his powers, and was quick to try to expand on them. Cora had to have specialists in New Rome work with him. Nonetheless, they were lucky, and no one ever got hurt. Cora made the choice for Roy to enter some earlier schooling programs in New Rome, then, at the age of ten, she shipped him three miles away to the Legion. She wrote him into the fourth Cohort, a tradition for Prescotts, to give their greatest resource, their children, to a Cohort who needs them.

He was put in a Cohort where his sister was in charge, and quickly learned that despite his love for his sister, he didn't love the fact that she was the boss of him. Regardless of his lack of extreme extroversion, he still works hard in his Cohorot and participates with his family in charity work and New Rome relations.

Faceclaim: Chandler Riggs
Notes: Part of Sorella's Prescott family.
[url=Link to form]Roy Prescott[/url] - Male - 14 - Legionnaire - Child of Vulcan, Legacy of Chione - Cohort Four - Metaloneus
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PostSubject: Re: Roy Prescott   Tue Jul 25, 2017 6:43 am

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Roy Prescott
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