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 Felix Julius

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PostSubject: Felix Julius   Tue Jul 25, 2017 11:40 am

Name: Felix Reginald Julius
Age: Nineteen, July 13th, 1998.
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual (Closeted)

Legacy Of:
- Fides, god of loyalty, third generation.
- Honos, god of honor, third generation.
- Justitia, goddess of justice, second generation.
Mother: Sana Julius (nee Kohli) daughter of Justita. Sana met Cyrus at camp, where they were both in Cohort 2. Sana's father immigrated from Mumbai three years before Sana was born. Sana is currently a cardiologist at Julius Caeser Memorial Hospital.
Father: Cyrus Julius 2nd generation Legacy of Fides and Honos. Cyrus grew up in New Rome, with his mother and father. His father was a notable Judge in the New Rome court system, although he is retired now. Cyrus himself is a celebrated architect within New Rome.
Other Family: Twin sister, Amara Julius. She's basically his other half. They tell each other everything, no matter what. Out of everyone in the world, this is person he trusts the most. He also has four cousins, two aunts, an uncle, and three grandparents. Their whole family is somewhat close, although there are some members looked down upon due to their less than traditional aspects. They all have the highest regard for the traditional values of New Rome. In each of their homes is a shrine to the god Honos, who they see as their household god.

Birthplace: New Rome
Race: Mixed, half Caucasian, half Indian.

Skin Color: Tan
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 160 lbs
Body Type: Ectomorph

Felix is the spitting image of his blood line. Honor, justice, and loyalty. These are traits he inherently follows, with no doubt in his mind. His loyalty to his family, and his society, goes deeper than his life. He loves his society and his sister more than life itself, and would die to protect either one of them from harm's way. This same principal can apply to close friends too, like Marina Prescott, but ultimately, this group of people is prioritized in Felix's list. Felix sees his world as black and white, with the only grey area being his priorities of family over New Rome, the city he loves and swears to protect.

When it comes to bonds, Felix is quick to solidify them with anyone, though keeps his most important bonds in check. As a whole in society, Felix believes each individual can make a difference. He preaches to others that they should rise up to help out their communities and Cohorts. Felix never misses drill or training, and acts just as your stereotypical golden boy would, even though him and his sister are treated equally. Felix seems to be able to please everyone who is willing to be pleased, and rarely starts conflict on his own accord.

Felix's biggest internal conflict is his sexuality. Felix has bisexual tendencies, but also feels that it's his duty to carry on the Julius name. Only two people in the world know this, one being his sister.
- Writing: Felix enjoys writing, and has connected with several people during it. He uses this talent often for organization purposes.
- Traditional Combat Instruction: In a time where Romans lack the original fighting style of Rome, Felix makes it a habit to practice and instruct traditional combat, over just poise with shield and spear.
- Swimming: For someone who isn't a water related legacy, Felix is an exceptionally good swimmer. He only practices in pools, however. Water isn't the concern of Romans.
- Over-loyal: When Felix pledges his loyalty to a person or cause, he means it. Seldom does he pledge this loyalty to causes and people he deems loyalty. However, when he does, he hangs on to it as though it means life or death. No matter the cost.
- Honor-bound: Felix is bound to the basic laws of honor. He always feels he needs to do the right thing. Whether it be confess to wrong doing, fighting combat in clear circumstance, or participating in community affairs for public appearances.
- Bad Liar: Felix can lie well about one thing; his society. Otherwise, he's in general a pretty bad liar. Luckily, he doesn't often even try to attempt to lie.
- Deep Water: Felix has a great fear of deep waters, despite his swimming talent.

- Imperial Gold Spear
- Imperial Gold Pilums
- Imperial Gold Gladus
- Scales of Honor: As long as Felix has not lied, deceived, or slandered in the past week, or 144 hours, Felix's speed is increased by 20%. Felix, each time he commits a sin against honor, forfeits his advantage. Should he do any of these sins during his week of forfeit, his speed and strength is reduced by 5% each sin. If he sins 21 times in a week, he dies.
- Polygraph: Once a day, Felix can cross his fingers and a small light will form between them. If the person lies, the light turns red. If the light turns green, it means they've told the truth. If the light stays yellow, they have told the partial truth or left reasons out. This light will be active for a full minute, and can be used with as many questions and answers as can be given in a minute.
- Penance Stare: If Felix makes eye contact with someone, he can make them freeze in place. This is a matter of willpower, and won't always work. It's prone to work better on dishonorable people. He can do this three times per thread.
- Justice Inducement: Felix can induce pain on someone who has done something of considerable dishonor or injustice. The pain usually comes in sharp waves of lung and chest pain. He can induce this twice per topic.

History: Felix's life has often included his sister. Their strings of fate are so intertwined they might as well be one. From day one they had always been at each others side. Family has always been a big part of his life. They grew up pretty well off. They weren't seen as rich, but there was never any issue putting food on the table. They had a nice villa with a large backyard, one they would spend summer evenings in waiting for the sun to set so they could catch fireflies. It was a nice life without any pressure put upon him. He had always done well in school without even trying. Things always came easy for her.

Felix's family life usually included extended family too. They had big family dinners often. Arguments came and went, but overall they were happy with each other. His grandfather would sit at the head of the table, starting each meal with a story about Honos, or his time in the Legion. He would talk about the importance of family, of Rome, and of the gods themselves. Like every meal, they offer some food to the gods. Felix was a big fan of his grandfather.

When Felix was twelve he entered the legion. His parents wanted him to be ready when he joined, so they made sure not to send him right away. He and his sister entered together. He made the first cohort, and he was proud of it. His legion life was spent working hard and advancing the ranks. Recently, his sister made Optio. It was the first time in their nearly two decades together that Felix had felt separated from his sister, like they were no longer on the same field of play. Felix still spends his time doing everything he can for his cause. But he feels a rift that he doesn't like, even if he still feels like his sister is his other half.

Faceclaim: Avan Jogia
Notes: Part of sarenrae's Julius family.

[url=http://www.legendsfate.com/t63-felix-julius#176]Felix Julius[/url] - Male - 19 - Legionnaire  - Legacy of Justitia, Honos, and Fides - Cohort One - Metaloneus
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PostSubject: Re: Felix Julius   Tue Jul 25, 2017 10:37 pm

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Felix Julius
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