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 Marina Prescott

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PostSubject: Marina Prescott    Tue Jul 25, 2017 2:11 pm

Name: Marina Corinne Prescott
Age: Eighteen years old. Born on January twenty first.
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual

God Parent: Vulcan
Legacy Of: Chione
Mortal Parent: Cora Prescott
Other Family: Caelia Prescott - Older sister, Roy Prescott - Younger brother, August Prescott - Grandfather, Aria Prescott - Grandmother.

Birthplace: New Rome
Race: Caucasian

Skin Color: Pale
Hair Color: Dark brown.
Eye Color: Blue.
Height: 5'6"
Weight: A hundred and thirty eight pounds.
Body type: Ectomorph

Personality: Marina comes from a family of loyalty, kindness, grace, and humbleness. The daughter of Vulcan can often be seen exemplifying these traits throughout her life as she goes. She is loyal to those without judgement. Loyal when it may seem impossible to be so. Rina will not judge another passed on any trials that a person goes through and will not judge for mistakes those have done to themselves, she believes in redemption completely. The people close in her life will experience an unconditional love. In said love, she will try to understand even when it may seem impossible to, when others turn their backs she will have it. Through this Marina can also be protective of her close friends and family. She will feel a need to defend them at all costs, no matter what it takes.

Rina is rather humble. She doesn't like to boast about her family even when provoked to. That just wasn't how she was raised. She will not take the bait that others hand out to her and overall has a very calm demeanor. She knows her family is great, but she also knows not everyone got dealt a good hand in life and she doesn't feel like rubbing it in. Everyone has their faults and issues, even her family.

Despite upholding a lot of the Prescott family values, she is a bit of an ambivert. She's always seen her sister as someone who was very talkative and well-spoken, while her brother was more reserved than the rest. Rina has found herself being both at times. She can go out and socialize among crowds and friends, but she also likes time to herself to just be alone. To recharge. Marina loves to write and will often do that in her spare time.
Talents: Identifying plants, calligraphy, and creative writing.
Flaws: Attachment issues; Rina grows fairly close to people easily. It's hard for her to cut people from her life even if they're toxic. She is rather forgetful at times and spaces out. Has her head in the clouds. Lastly, she has some third degree burns running along the left side of the base of her neck, down her shoulder and down part of her arm and hand. It happened in an incident when she was younger and working on mechanical stuff. She no longer has a good sense of feeling where the burn marks are.

Weapons: Marina has her own weapon that she's built. She was given an imperial gold weapon upon being in the legion and she used that with some hand-me downs from her family. Her weapon is usually in the form of a giant hammer like her father's. She's made it so it can also convert into a slightly longer than usual gladius, and a battle axe. She calls this weapon Jack. Because it's like a "Jack of all trades" She built it when she was thirteen years old. She's been improving it since. The original model wasn't very good to say the least.
Abilities: French fluency - passed down through Chione. Marina can adapt to extreme cold very easily and can adapt to extreme heat very easily, this does not mean she can't be burned though.
Powers: Enhanced forging - much like her father Marina is able to make something out of pretty much any material. She can even do it while mindlessly tinkering with materials. She has made a variety of things. She can use this ability about ten times per thread. Only counts with new projects.

History: Rina was the second born child to Cora and Vulcan. The first being Caelia and the last being Roy. Being born into the oldest New Rome family that is still around, she had to get used to a lot of things. For one, a lot of people telling her how much they loved her family, which wasn't hard to deal with, but when you're trying to do something and the older community comes up to you, it can be a little irritating. Often times her family will be the ones to put together a bunch of old traditional festivals and events. Running them and providing entertainment for all. Marina has helped numerous years through all of them.

Growing up, Marina was always closer in age to her sister. When they were young they always used to hang out and play dolls together or run around in the backyard and explore. They were free spirits that loved to explore, although as Caelia got older that turned out to be less and less until eventually she stopped coming outside with her. She was never without though. Marina always found ways to bug her little brother Roy or even to just hang out with him, or she'd hand out by herself.

Due to being family friends, the Prescott and the Julius family were quite close. Meaning Marina has known them for her entire life. She was a little less than a year younger than the twins, but regardless the three would always have play dates when they were really young and still in diapers. Eventually as they got older, Felix and her got closer. They started to hang out more and to the point it was every single day, and had constant sleepovers with each other. When Felix and Rina were about the age of sixteen they decided to try and date one another. Things were good for a bit, even lost their virginity to each other, but the pressure of their families and the possibility of losing their friendship was ultimately what became the factors in their mutual decision to break up and remain friends.

It is to be noted that, Marina and her brother Roy don't look a whole lot like their mother. Caelia takes the most after their mother Cora who takes after the Prescott side of the family. Marina and Roy take more after the Giroux side with the dark hair and blue eyes.

Faceclaim: Kacey Rohl
Notes: Marina has been in the process of writing a book since she was the age of fifteen. She's only halfway done with it.
[url=http://www.legendsfate.com/t64-marina-prescott]Marina Prescott[/url] - Female - 18 - Legionnaire - Daughter of Vulcan, Legacy of Chione - Cohort Four - Sorella

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PostSubject: Re: Marina Prescott    Wed Jul 26, 2017 7:33 pm

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Marina Prescott
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