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 all i want tonight is a friend and a fight

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PostSubject: all i want tonight is a friend and a fight   Tue Jul 25, 2017 7:23 pm

hiya! i'm mabes, or lila, or fishy, or whatever else you know me as! before we get to my characters, i do have a handful of Vaguely Hand Wavy Ish Rule Things!!

  • i tend to do longer posts, so it'd be nice if you could match my length!
  • i often take a long time to post because of my adhd, so if that might get on your nerves i'm probs not the best rp partner for you
  • i'd prefer if we had our thread plotted out beforehand, but it's not necessary
  • if we're planning a romantic link, there needs to be some plotting beforehand of how they'll interact with each other, how it'll happen, and the direction it'll go in

niamh ainsley
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all i want tonight is a friend and a fight
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