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PostSubject: BEST FRIEND/RIVAL WANTED   Fri Jul 28, 2017 9:24 am


F SEEKING F ONLY SERIOUS RESPONSES PLEASE nah im just messin with ya lol. i need a competitive best friend for niamh ainsley! name, face claim, godly parentage, history, and cohort are left up to you, but she'd be preferably a legacy and have grown up in new rome having been childhood friends with niamh. age should be somewhere around 16-18, but that specifically is left up to you


PERSONALITY: she's very driven and competitive. outspoken and not afraid to speak her mind. constantly turning things into a competition, such as who can finish daily chores fastest and whatnot. she's certainly a fighter, but tends to lean more on the strategy side than the action side. very passionate about the things she cares about

RELATIONSHIPS: niamh ainsley. they're some weird combination of best friends and rivals, constantly competing but almost always together and always on the same page. would be nice if this could turn romantic but not necessary. despite their vague rivalry, she's very caring towards niamh

HISTORY: grew up in new rome, joined the legion at 12

if you're interested, shoot me a pm/reply here!

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