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 Plot Census

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PostSubject: Plot Census    Thu Aug 03, 2017 9:39 pm

While I finish some touch-ups I want to work on before I officially roll out this plot, I figure I'd make this topic for placeholding. All plot characters will still go into the official character Census, but will also be included. Sign ups are not open yet, but when they are, slots that say (Open) are still available for major roles in the plot.

Depending on the nature of the major roles, more slots may open, or the overall slot count may lessen, depending on circumstances. The following is a sloppy copy of what it will look like when the plot opens.

The House of Augustus
The Augustus Circle,
Slot 1: (Open)
Slot 2: (Open)
Slot 3: (Open)
Slot 4: (Open)

Senior Augustites,
Slot 1: (Open)
Slot 2: (Open)
Slot 3: (Open)
Slot 4: (Open)
Slot 5: (Open)
Slot 6: (Open)
Slot 7: (Open)
Slot 8: (Open)
Slot 9: (Open)
Slot 10: (Open)
Slot 11: (Open)
Slot 12: (Open)

Black Creek
Leaders of Black Creek,
Slot 1: (Open)
Slot 2: (Open)
Slot 3: (Open)
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Plot Census
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