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 Introducing Me

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PostSubject: Introducing Me   Sun Jul 16, 2017 8:39 pm

I'm good at wasting time.

I think lyrics need to rhyme.

And you're not asking, but I'm not trying grow a mustache.

I eat cheese only on pizza please

Sometimes on a homemade quesadilla.

Otherwise it smells like feet to me.

So if you wanna know here it goes, gonna tell you this the part of me that shows gonna let you see everything, but remember that you asked for it.

I try to do my best to impress, but it's easier to let ya take a guess at the rest.

-coughs- Definitely not lyrics from a disney movie or anything. -sweats nervously-

Any who! My name is Sor or Sorrie, or I guess you could go for Ella, but you may confuse me with someone else on here!

I am the head admin of this forum, with Sarenrae being my co admin. (She's done so much more than me though. This beautiful site is a product of her doing. Thank her for her hard work please!)

A few randoms I guess,

My favourite colour is blue
My favourite pizza topping is pineapple (fight me pineapple haters)
My current favourite song/singer is Sorry by Halsey. I love her content.
My favourite book is The Last Duchess and it makes me cry every time!
Some of my favourite TV shows consist of Pretty Little Liars, That 70's Show, Friends, and How I Met Your Mother.
Favourite existing animal is either the panda or penguin.
Favourite mythological animal is definitely a unicorn!

So are just somethings about me. If you ever have any questions at any point feel free to contact me! I am here to listen. If I ever get too in your face about voting in polls let me know. Sometimes I get to be too much with those.

-Sorella <3
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Introducing Me
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