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 Ian Virgo

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PostSubject: Ian Virgo   Sat Aug 05, 2017 1:57 pm

Name: Ian Jaxon Virgo
Age: Eighteen, Born on September 25 1999
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

God Parent: Mars
Legacy Of: Volturnus
Mortal Parent: Adrianne Virgo
Other Family: Sophia Virgo (younger sister)

Birthplace: New Rome
Race: Caucasian

Skin Color: Pale
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Height: Six foot two
Weight: Two hundred and fifteen pounds.
Body type: Mesomorph

Personality: Ian is a fairly laid back guy. He prefers to go with the flow of things and he’s fairly patient. Under most strenuous circumstances he is able to remain calm and collected, stress doesn’t usually get to him too much. Ian prides himself on this alone, but much like anyone else Ian has his quirks and his flaws.

Despite being patient and calm, Ian can get quite loud and rowdy. He loves to make jokes and make himself be heard. He’s the type that has fun when he can. He doesn’t think that the world should be so serious and that everything should look to the bright side of things. He loves to be around people and he’s fairly good at making friends. He’s charming and friendly. He’s always lending a hand to anyone who needs his help.

Ian is a bit of a volunteer. He loves to spend his extra time at the hospital in New Rome. He treats to all he can, but he especially loves being around the kids and trying to make them laugh. Ian can get into politics quite well and frankly he doesn’t care about the status and wealth his family gives. He tries to work for everything he has. He worked as a waiter in Pomona’s pub since he was sixteen, now that he’s eighteen they’re letting him start bartending and he’s enjoying it as well as the tips he makes.
Talents: Identifying plants, swimming, and can relax others easily.
Flaws: Over protective of his family. Ian will do anything to defend his mother and sister. He also is very loud and sometimes needs to be told to be more quiet. Ian is also afraid of raccoons.

Weapons: Despite being able to use any weapon he wants, he usually carries a Gladius and a bow with imperial gold tipped arrows.
Abilities: Ian can breathe underwater.
He can also heal minor wounds completely with water. As well as partially heal bigger wounds with water.
Able to detect conflict within a 5 mile radius.
Any weapon he possesses he can utilize well in battle.
Due to being a son of Mars while in combat he is 25% stronger and faster.
Powers: Ian is able to change the level of anger and violence in people to be able to stop a potential fight from happening and negotiate. It usually takes a 5 post cool down.
Ian can summon a skeleton from the dead to help him in battle. He can only do this once per topic.

History: Ian was the first born to Adrianne and Mars. For about three years it was just him and his mom who was a daughter of Voltunrus and a former centurion of the second cohort. Currently she works as a successful lawyer. She worked long nights and didn’t always have time for Ian when he was born. She would often get help from her own mother to help her out and watch Ian. Ian’s earliest memory is being read a book by his grandmother.

When Ian was three years old that was when his little sister Sophia was born. After that things changed for a bit. Ian was always curious about her. She was a baby and he didn’t quite understand. A few times he tried to take her around the house for walks by dragging her on the blanket she was laying on. Or he would bring down all his toys to share with her, until she just stuck them in her mouth.

It was when Ian was six years old that his grandmother passed away. It was a rough time for him as he spent a lot of time with her. She was the lady who taught him about identifying plants and working hard for what you wanted. Ian from that day forward wanted to keep the life of his grandmother alive through his actions. It wasn’t exactly him at six years old that thought that, but as he got a bit older and understood it all. That was what he had decided to do.

Growing up with his sister, often times he’d have to babysit her. Make sure she stayed out of trouble, to be honest this mostly led to them having petty arguments and shoving each other. At the age of nine was when he finally joined the legion and he was placed into cohort two like his mother had been.

Ian had never been interested in because centurion or praetor. Most part he just wanted to work and earn his spot in the legion. In his free time when he was younger often times he’d be out helping with agriculture earning a small wage until he got to the age of sixteen. At sixteen Ian wanted to earn more money so became a waiter at Pomona’s pub and now at the age of eighteen he’s working as a bartender. He enjoys the sweet tips.

The son of Mars became a medic in cohort two at the age of fourteen and he’s been one ever since. He enjoys being a medic and taking care of people no matter which cohort they’re from. Ian feels like this is the best way to honor his grandmother’s legacy.

Faceclaim: Lucas Till
Notes: Colour is #0066ff
[url=http://www.legendsfate.com/t91-ian-virgo]Ian Virgo[/url] - Male - 18 - Medic - Child of Mars Legacy Of Volturnus - Cohort Two - Sorella
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PostSubject: Re: Ian Virgo   Sat Aug 05, 2017 2:33 pm


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Ian Virgo
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