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 Aurelia Fairchild

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PostSubject: Aurelia Fairchild   Sat Aug 05, 2017 3:21 pm

Name: Aurelia Elizabeth Fairchild
Age:Seventeen born on December 21st 1999
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Demisexual

God Parent: Iris
Mortal Parent:Scott Fairchild: He is a vegan chef, and owns his own little restaurant where many come to enjoy his food and he has tons of regulars. He is a fun loving guy, very carefree and relaxed. He enjoys spending time with people and has always been welcoming. However his past isn't the greatest. He used to be heavy into the drug dealing phase, and even dropped out of high school to do it thinking he was going to make most of his money that way. His last deal was too sketchy, so he decided to leave. It was difficult to leave as he had to leave slowly taking on less jobs, but finally he took the money he had and moved across the country. Now he resides in California and that is where he has decided to raise his daughter. Away from everything else. He managed to get certificates in food safe, and he wanted a better life for him and his daughter. He finally got the restaurant when she was about six years old.
Other Family: Heath Fairchild (Cousin)

Birthplace: Oxford, England.
Race: Caucasian

Skin Color: Fair
Hair Color: Naturally brown, but it constantly changes colour.
Eye Color: Pale blue
Height: Five foot three.
Weight: A hundred and fifteen pounds.
Body type: Ectomorph

Personality: Lia is a well rounded individual. She takes pride in the things that she does, and is rather very vocal. She is able to converse with just about anyone that walks by her whether she knows them or not. It is a skill she has picked up on while working in the business with her father and doing her own thing. Aurelia enjoys the company of others and loves when someone can make her laugh, in return she'll try to do her best and laying out her best jokes, but don't get your hopes up. They're likely as good as dad jokes, and really bad puns. She has no regrets about it to say the least.

She is a little reckless and careless. She will go around thinking something is a great idea and not really think before she does things. This often gets her in a lot of trouble, but she typically finds a way out of it, and most people can't stay mad at her for too long. She is often thinking about riding in the laundry basket going down the stairs, or seeing if jumping from a balcony into the pool would be fine. Needless to say she lucked out big time, in hitting the pool. For the most part fear isn't a thing in her vocabulary and it really should be. Lia is also often to be the type to go up to a bully and try to be tough crap, but really she's a little flower that doesn't fight physically. Verbal is a whole other story.

By the end of the day though, Lia is a very loyal and dedicated friend. She is there for anyone that may need her and she can sometimes be serious for once in her life. The daughter of Iris, really is just a big child though, and will like make you promise in the form of a pinkie promise.
Talents: Cooking is one of the few talents that Lia has. She has been cooking in the kitchen with her father since she was the age of seven. She knows how to make most dishes, except those that have meat in them, since she's never really eaten meat before.  Identifying plants is another one of her talents. She is able to go into nature and know a majority of plants and what they do. Lastly, her only other talent would be anything artistic. Drawing, painting, photography or what have you, she has always been fairly good at. All the art work up in her father's restaurant is actually her work and she takes pride in it.
Flaws: She's a pacifist. She can't justify violence nor can she justify war. Lia is one to not really want to hurt anything. She has been raising plants up her whole life, and taking care of sick animals. Even with people she feels like there is non-violent ways to deal with them. She has basic fighting skills to defend herself, but even then she'd prefer not to use them at all.  Lia is very talkative, and she often runs her mouth into places that she shouldn't as it seems to get her into trouble quite a bit. She sometimes also doesn't really know when to shut up. Aurelia also finds it difficult to be serious for more than ten minutes at a time and everything can be made into a joke or a game. Her last flaw is that she has a massive unidentified shaped birth mark spanning over her entire left shoulder blade and collar bone.

Weapons: Celestial Bronze dagger that she hardly uses.
Abilities: Her hair is able to change different shades of the rainbow, she does not decide which colour it changes, and it can be any colour of the spectrum and it happens at random.
Powers: None.

History: Scott has a dark past, as mentioned above. He slowly began to get out of the darkness, but the one person he has to credit for majority of that is actually the woman that he fell in love with. He met her at one of the local diner's as she was a waitress. Her name was Amelia Jensen who went by the name Amy. Little did he know that she was a goddess in his presence. She was the one who would sit down with him on her breaks and they would talk and laugh. She never judged him for what he was and what he did. She only suggested that he maybe take a different path in life, and she talked to him about what his passions were.

It was in those talks that he realized he wanted more than the drug trade life, and he had thrown everything he ever wanted away. The two got closer to each other and even dated for quite some time. He was the happiest he could have been with Amy. She was his pride and glory and even though she was just a waitress he wanted to help her out, and wanted to start a family with her. He asked her to marry him and which she had said yes. To celebrate one thing led to another and a month or so later, Scott found out Amy was pregnant. He was so overjoyed with the fact that he'd be getting a child of his own, it made him the happiest man alive.

It wasn't long before his new pride and joy was born. A baby girl, and he was very pleased and couldn't be happier. He loved that little girl more than the world, she was his new world. They decided to name her Aurelia Elizabeth. Elizabeth coming from his mother and Aurelia was just something different and serene.

It was the final move day, and Amy said she was going to come a couple days later because she had to get her money from her job. After going across country and getting settled in the one bedroom apartment, he took his courses and waited for Amy to come back. She never did though, which broke his heart, but she did leave a package of things in the mail. His old stuff, a letter expaining everything that had happened, and who she was and what to do with Aurelia if things got bad. She also had an evenlope specifically for Aurelia to open up on her sixteenth birthday.

Scott was sad for awhile, but once he started to get into his passion and raising his daughter a bit more, things started to look up for them. He had a beautiful daughter and a promising career coming up. It took awhile, but finally when Lia was six years old her dad finally got the place that he had always wanted to open up, and he was over the moon happy about it. It was when Lia was eight that business really took off though, and Scott was finally able to afford a small two bedroom apartment for the two of them, so they both had their own rooms. It was exciting and new and the two got along great. Often nights they would stay up and make different vegetarian and vegan dishes. Scott himself wasn't a vegan, but he enjoyed making the food for others and helping them out. He did however go vegetarian while raising his daughter, which makes her following the vegetarian lifestyle more closely.

When Aurelia was twelve, Scott decided to send her to camp. Only for the summers though. He still wanted her around after that, but knew it'd be beneficial for her to be around others like her and get to know more about her mom and get connected to that part of her life. Every summer since she turned twelve Lia has gone to camp half-blood during the summers. During the rest of the year, she works as a waitress at her dad's little restaurant and enjoys every minute of it.

Although after reading her mom's letter at sixteen, she decided that she wanted to stay at camp year long, and thus what she's doing right now, and she believes she will do year long again for the upcoming year.

Faceclaim: Chloe Norgaard
Notes: Her colour is #cc6699
[url=http://www.legendsfate.com/t93-aurelia-fairchild]Aurelia Fairchild[/url] - Female - 17 - Daughter of Iris - Sorella
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PostSubject: Re: Aurelia Fairchild   Mon Aug 07, 2017 2:20 pm

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Aurelia Fairchild
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