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 Plot Synopsis

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PostSubject: Plot Synopsis   Sat Aug 05, 2017 7:02 pm

How many times in history have there been unanswered questions? How often have people crept behind the scenes to change levers, in ways we never even realized? Whether we consider the motives behind The Bay of Pigs, Watergate, or Operation Barbarossa, history is riddled with questions. Some can be answered, some can not, but there’s one question that tops then all; how many strings have been pulled that we don’t even know about?

“History is written by the victor,” that’s what they say. If the victor wins, surely they can simply select their text and delete it instead of modifying it. Maybe there are several times the axis of powers have shifted in the real world under our noses. Perhaps that same principal applies for the world of mythology as well.

Picture New Rome, how strong it is and how seamlessly they operate. Like an oiled machine, their process seems to never fail. There are quick bumps, but they patch themselves without a single raised voice. What if people were purposefully installed, or taken out of position in New Rome, behind everyone’s backs? What if decisions were made without the knowledge of their leaders? After all, it could have been happening all this time, and nobody could have even knew that it was happening.

When a lowly discovery is made one day, pointing to Roman corruption, how far will those who pull the strings go to protect themselves? What secrets will be uncovered about New Rome and its not-so-new history?

This site-wide plot operates on the premise that various high-standing members of New Rome and Camp Jupiter are affiliated with a secret organization that works to fill an agenda. What that agenda is? No one can be certain, unless they have the same motive. Likewise, only those who serve that agenda make themselves known to other members. They pull strings in New Rome to fill their own interests, whether it’s to place someone of their own desire in power, or to remove someone they see unfit, to change a rule or operating style, or to shift politics in New Rome to distract from issues they see key.

This plot kicks off when an interrogated man confesses to being former legion, and that he was forced out by elite Roman figures and told never to come back, along with several of his friends. Upon further investigation, it can be discovered that a group of former Cohort Four Probatios abandoned camp around the same time the man claimed to be removed. He says Rome came back for him, and others he took in, and scattered his people who lived in the community of Black Creek.

In this plot, you can participate in various factions. Whether you wish to be a recent outcasted Roman who seeks justice for what the deep state of Rome has done, a standing member of one of the unique communities that Rome’s deep state wishes to crush, or a member of Rome’s deep state itself, the options are open for you to pick your side, or play both!
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Plot Synopsis
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