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 Plot Rules

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PostSubject: Plot Rules   Sat Aug 05, 2017 7:17 pm

Below is a list of rules that apply to all characters and topics, if you create a character in the plot or otherwise participate, you are expected to have read and agreed to these rules. We reserve the right to add new rules, if we feel necessary.

1. All site rules apply to the plot characters and topics.
2. Put "[Plot]" in the title of any character or thread that's plot related. While this one is an easy fix, and won't gain any punishment whatsoever, it helps us track the plot better, and use that information to better it.
3. Signing up for a major character means they are subject to be controlled or die without permission. This will only happen if the creator vanishes without any explanation. With a chain of ongoing events with several people participating, it isn't fair for everyone to wait on one person who didn't bother to tell the group they would be absent for a long period of time.
4. Any event that would significantly alter the plot must be cleared by staff first. Feel absolutely free to PM ideas to any one of us, however. The more the plot changes by the players participating in it, the better.
5. When making a plot character, reference the guidelines in the Plot Communities reference. While diversity is encouraged and the guidelines can be flirted outside of, just remember what the communities are, and to keep your character a realistic part of them.
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Plot Rules
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