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 Plot Sign Ups / Character Forms

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PostSubject: Plot Sign Ups / Character Forms   Sat Aug 05, 2017 7:37 pm

For major characters in the plot, PM a member of staff with the form in question instead of posting it in the character form section. That is how sign ups will be dealt with. For a character who is not major, simply post their form in character forms with "[Plot]" in the title. Characters that are considered major are leaders in Black Creek, Senior Augustites, and members of the Augustus Circle. More major roles will be added as the plot moves forward. Romans who haven't taken a side can be introduced as the plot moves in that direction. Refer to the Plot Census for what major slots are open and closed.

Member of Black Creek:

Leader of Black Creek(PM to apply):

Member of the House of Augustus:

Senior Member of the House of Augustus(PM to apply):

Member of the Circle of Augustus(PM to apply):
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Plot Sign Ups / Character Forms
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